All Girly Gossip (AGG) is just not a fashion, makeup or skincare blog but a place where every girl or woman can find something for herself which makes her feel happy and confident. AGG is a place for all friends who want to discuss about beauty, lifestyle, home, makeup, health, secrets 😉 and many such more things!


At AGG we respect everyone’s suggestions, views and comments and would love to hear from you often; but please respect the sentiments of the owner and the readers when commenting.


The opinions, views, suggestions found on this blog are completely my personal views and will not get influenced in any way possible. The products or styles which work on me, may not work for you. AGG is just a guide and a friend; you have to find things that suit you the best.


You might find reviews of certain brands regularly appearing on the blog or with good rating; but that’s solely because I buy products after a lot of research and make sure that they are worth the price. At the end of the day, it’s my hard earned money that goes in buying the products and nobody is sponsoring me for this blog.


If any information or photos are taken from the net, the source will be mentioned.


Any PR related articles or new launches from the brands will be mentioned in the bottom of the article.


Finally, it takes a lot of efforts in maintaining the blog and I will try my best to keep the blog as helpful and entertaining as possible…!!


A Bit About Myself


Hi everyone,


I am Mansi, the Founder and Editor of All Girly Gossip. I am from Pune, India. I am quite new to the world of blogging but have been in love with the fashion world from the time I could pronounce the word ‘stilettos’ ;-).


Like every other girl, I love SHOPPING, it could be from a high end brand or picked up from my random street shopping visits; but I have to shop, that’s my oxygen. I love colours and keep experimenting with them in my wardrobe, my room and in every way possible.


I am a novice to eye makeup, colour blocking and many such more things, but I am ready to learn and take that first step. In similar way, there are so many other such girls who are apprehensive in taking that 1st step, I thought sharing and helping each other would be the best solution.


From last 2 years I barely remember a day where I haven’t been online to check different blogs, makeup tutorials, DIY’s, room decor, best deals on beauty and skincare products, new launches and so on. Finally came a day when I thought, even I could share my personal opinion about different products or the different ideas that keep running in my mind. I even thought what I have learnt through my various shopping experiences could benefit a lot more girls, that’s when I thought of my own blog and that’s the beginning of AllGirlyGossip.com


I am super excited about the blog and hope that anyone who visits the blog finds something that helps them and keeps them updated with the fashion world.


Some Random facts about me –


* My personal style is comfort blended with colour. I am a denim person and practically live in my denims.

* My favourite Bollywood female celebs are Deepika Padukone, Anushka Sharma, Kareena Kapoor, and Sarah Jessica Parker and Penelope Cruz from Hollywood. I personally think they all are very versatile and stylish.

* I am currently obsessed with coral, mint, hot pink and turquoise colour.

* A travel freak and a complete foodie.

* I am a fashion addict and a die-hard fan of Smokey eyes.

* A lip balm and a kohl pencil are the must have products in my bag.


To sum it up, I am no expert in fashion, beauty or make-up or lifestyle but it will be my constant effort to guide all my wandering friends and help you by giving the best possible options on this blog.




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