Accessorize Palette – Lovely Day ~ Review & Swatches    



Hey girls,



After completing 6 months of blogging the very immediate post had to be an interesting one. I wanted to post an EOTD but then there was something that I wanted to show you girls from a very long time. It’s a beautiful eyeshadow palette from Accessorize. I had picked this palette from Jabong and you must have seen it in my haul post here. I have been desperately waiting to show this Accessorize Palette named ‘Lovely Day’ which contains beautiful 32 shades.


Accessorize Palette


Price: Rs 1299 (I got it at a discount for Rs 845 during a sale)



Package Description: The eye shadow palette comes in a cute leopard + rose print case which is very sleek and compact. It’s also quite light weight and hence becomes travel friendly. A cute pink elastic band holds the palette securely. There is a mirror encased inside the palette which is very handy for touch ups but then there is no brush provided with the palette.


Accessorize Palette 1



Accessorize Palette 19



Accessorize Palette 5


My Take on the Product: I am not going to speak much about the shades as you can very well see the pigmentation and the quality in the pictures below. I would like you to know about the things that are not seen. The best part is these shades show up well even without a base and stay for around 5-6 hours after which there is a bit of fading. Like any other eyeshadows these shades stay for quite a long time if used with primer. You might find Rs 1300 a bit expensive at first but if you compare it with eye shadow quads or trios which generally cost anywhere around Rs 300 to Rs 700 app, these 32 shades quite deserve this price. The palette is a combination of metallic, matte and frosty shades. Not only does the palette contains lovely coppers, bronze and browns but also some bright shades which are a boon for girls like me who are like to try out bright shades once in a while.



Here are the swatches…. Just sit back and enjoy!


Accessorize Palette 6


I have clicked 3 different images of a same row in different light conditions so that you can see the colour variation. The first swatch photos are clicked in broad daylight, the 2nd ones are clicked in regular daylight inside my room and the last one are clicked with camera flash on.


Accessorize Palette 20


Accessorize Palette 9


Accessorize Palette 8


Accessorize Palette 7


Accessorize Palette 21


Accessorize Palette 12


Accessorize Palette 11


Accessorize Palette 10


Accessorize Palette 22


Accessorize Palette 15


Accessorize Palette 14


Accessorize Palette 13


Accessorize Palette 23


Accessorize Palette 18


Accessorize Palette 17



Accessorize Palette 16




Hits – Accessorize Lovely Day Palette



  • Single palette with such variety of amazing colours
  • Mixture of metallic, frosty and matte shades
  • Different colours for various looks
  • Superb pigmentation
  • Shades are easily blendable
  • 32 shades
  • Compact packing
  • Mirror provided for touch ups
  • Affordable
  • Light weight and travel friendly
  • Staying power is good even without a primer
  • Bright shades included



Misses – Accessorize Lovely Day Palette


  • Matte shades are not very pigmented
  • Fallouts are bound to happen with shimmery shades but can be cleaned without too much of rubbing
  • No brush provided.



Rating:  10/10



Overall Verdict: Well actually I would have rated this product 9.5/10 considering there is not brush provided but after looking at these gorgeous shades I really did not feel like deducting any points. At the end of the day you get beautiful 32 shades in this 1 single palette. This palette is great for beginners as well as for all eye makeup lovers as it contains shades that not only browns, coppers and neutrals but also some vibrant greens, purples, and blues which are quite wearable!!!



This has to be my favourite palette so far. One palette and you are sorted… Do you agree girls???










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