Avon Face and Eye Makeup Remover Review


Avon Face and Eye Makeup Remover Review


We can skip over a few of our skincare items by chance but skipping on a makeup remover can lead to some real future tragedies. Being a blogger and a shopaholic, I can never stick to one item even if I love it. I might come back to it after a while but I have to try new products as and when I can. I was quite happy with the new Maybelline Total Express Eye Makeup Remover but as my makeup removers really last for a long time, I needed a change. In my Nykaa shopping haul you must have seen the Avon Face and Eye Makeup Remover. I was confused between the Avon Face and Eye Makeup Remover and the Faces Hydro makeup remover but I opted for the former one. So here is the Avon Face and Eye Makeup Remover Review for you all.




Product Claims & Ingredients:




Price: Rs 375 for ml





Package Description: The Avon Face and Eye Makeup Remover comes in a very simple white translucent bottle with a flip cap. The bottle is very ordinary looking but is user and travel friendly. It’s a small 75 ml bottle so can be easily carried anywhere and does not cause trouble in your travel bags.




Product Details: The Avon Face and Eye Makeup Remover says it’s a dual phase makeup remover but it really didn’t feel like during its usage. I am not sure about the proportions of a dual phased makeup remover but particularly in this one, the oil quantity seems to be a bit low.  When you check the bottle you will notice the 2 different oil and water combo only when you observe it carefully.  Anyway the reason I mentioned this is because the makeup remover is overall effective in removing makeup but it takes a bit of efforts especially with the eye makeup. Infact I even have to struggle a bit with it to get my Maybelline Colossal kajal removed. Again removing waterproof mascaras with this one is a bit of challenge. I have to go over my lashes multiple times to get rid of the mascara completely. It doesn’t leave too much of oil residue on the skin which is a good thing but then that’s what I guess hampers its effectiveness.  This is the only reason I felt that the oils used are not the best ones or the proportion is a bit low.




The Avon Face and Eye Makeup Remover is colourless and fragrance free. Now moving on to an important point, the Avon Face and Eye Makeup Remover says that it’s an eye and face makeup remover. Also, it claims to be even safe for sensitive eye but I really don’t agree with it. This one did not work for me. Infact everytime I try to get the kajal off from my waterline, it stings. It doesn’t sting badly but it’s definitely not a comfortable feeling at all. I haven’t faced this issue with my old makeup removers so can’t even say that my eyes are extra sensitive.


Hits – Avon Face and Eye Makeup Remover

  • Colourless and fragrance free
  • Does not leave too much of oily residue
  • Did not break me out
  • Decent face makeup remover


Misses – Avon Face and Eye Makeup Remover

  • Slightly pricey
  • Does not remove eye makeup effectively
  • Stings while removing kajal from my waterline
  • Ordinary packaging
  • Waterproof mascara takes a bit of efforts




Rating: 5/10


Overall Verdict: The Avon Face and Eye Makeup Remover is an average makeup remover. It can be a good face makeup remover but I really don’t think it’s a good eye makeup remover. I really prefer the Maybelline Total Express makeup remover or the Lakme Bi-phase makeup remover over this one.





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