Basic Tips for Healthy and Glowing Skin



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It’s every woman’s dream to have a healthy and glowing skin so before I started out with any of makeup tutorials or makeup product reviews, I wanted to get the basics right. We all have heard about so many Do’s and Don’ts for maintaining a healthy skin, but I will go through some Basic Tips for Healthy and Glowing Skin which we all can easily follow in our daily hectic schedules.




Everyone wants to grab that attention and look their best but thanks to our stressful lives, faulty eating habits, pollution and most of all our lethargy, we neglect to take care of ourselves. A healthy skin and perfect radiance tops every woman’s wishlist irrespective of her age and profession.



So here are some natural steps which will help you attain that glowing skin with long term results:-




Drink Plenty of Water



It’s the base for a healthy skin. Make sure you drink at least 6-8 glasses of water every day. It’s important to keep the body hydrated and flush out the toxins.







Eat Healthy



Try to cut down on the junk food and instead eat healthy food. I know street food is tempting :0 but then limit yourself to just eating it not more than once or twice in a week.





Make use of Lemons




Lemons are very effective for glowing skin. You can use a lemon and rub it on the tanned areas to remove tan. Use honey with it to get the best results. Or you can incorporate lime juice in your daily diet. Take a lime and squeeze it, mix it with warm water and honey. Drink this juice every morning before your breakfast. Lime is a very good natural resource to make skin healthy and radiant. It is useful for your health as lime purifies blood, infact it’s also a secret from most of the celebs for losing weight.








Go For a Walk




Walking benefits not just your body but also your mind. Brisk walking helps ease stress and anxiety, reduces depression and imparts a positive kick-start to your day. Don’t forget to use sunscreen while stepping out.





Smile a Lot




Studies suggest that smiling, forced or not, can have a positive effect on your mood, decrease, and even make everyone around you feel better. Smiling decreases stress and anxiety by releasing endorphins, chemicals that makes you happier. Endorphins are the same chemicals you get from working out or running. The happier you are from within, the happier your skin will reflect from the outside.




Let your skin breathe




Give your skin daily doses of that fresh air. Try out few days skipping your foundation; give your skin a break from makeup atleast once or twice a week. Most importantly, make sure that you remove your makeup completely before going to bed. Infact it’s advisable not to let you makeup stay on your face form more than 8-10 hours.




Sleep Right




Get that beauty sleep and look radiant every morning. During night skin replenishes, stimulates and regenerates itself so lack of proper sleep will result in fines line, early aging, dark circles and so on. Seven to eight hours of sleep is ideal for most of us.







These are very minor and regular things that we do not follow and then try to make it up using expensive creams and stuff. Remember, if you are fresh from inside, it will reflect on your skin.












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