Be a Bombshell Mechanical Eye Liner Review & Swatches


Be a Bombshell Mechanical Eye Liner Review, Price & Swatches – Wild Child


If you have checked my post on Ipsy Glam bags or checked my pictures on Insta, you would know that I am an Ipsy Glam bag subscriber which is the good part, but the bad part is that I have to wait for my friends who are flying down from the US and then collect the bags from them. I have previously reviewed the Oct & Nov Ipsy Glam bag and today I will be reviewing one product from the Oct Glam bag, its the Be a Bombshell Mechanical Eye Liner in the shade ‘Wild Child’.




As we all know ‘Be a Bombshell Cosmetics’ is a very famous brand in the US and when I received one of their products – an eye liner, I was super excited to give it a try. Unfortunately my excitement did not last for long. To find out the exact reason for this displeasure, continue reading…..




Product Description:

Formula: Bold mechanical eyeliner for a defined eye or pop of color.

Bombshell Application: Hold the pencil at an angle and draw along the lash line. Begin at the edge of the outer part of the eye.




Price: $14 for .025 g


Here are a few more shade options in this mechanical eye liner –

Bling Bling (Gold)

Daydreamer (Shimmery White)

Dazzle (Silver)

Radiance (Eggplant Purple)

S’more (Chocolate Brown)

Sultry (Ivy Green)

Wild Child (Black)







My Take on the Product: This eye liner is like most or regular mechanical eye liners and comes in a simple black twist up case. I am a kajal/ eye liner addict and when I received the kajal from this well known brand in my Glam bag, I was quite happy. I was even glad that I received the shade – ‘Wild Child’, a black shade (which I need to apply everyday). The first time I swiped this eye liner on the back of my hand, I was completely displeased as the eye liner seemed coarse and the shade would hardly show up. A few more strong attempts and I broke the tip of the eye liner. I was not sure if the tip of the eye liner had dried up and hence wouldn’t show but even after the tip broke, the result looked pretty much same. The ‘Be a Bombshell Mechanical Eye Liner’ does not go on smooth or is dark in any way. It lacks pigmentation and does not apply on waterline no matter what. After a few attempts you can get it on your lower lash line but again it looks patchy/ uneven after application. The eye liner hardly stays on your lower lash line for 1-2 hours and then fades and smudges too. You can apply it on your upper lash liner but as it’s not bold and pigmented, I don’t prefer it. It can be a good eye liner for people who prefer softer/subtle blacks but if you are looking for a bold black eye liner which is smooth, this one does not fit the bill at all.




To get a better idea of the shade, I have swatched the Be a Bombshell Mechanical Eye Liner in Wild Child on the left and the Maybelline Colossal Kajal on the right. As you can see, the pigmentation and the eveness is really poor as compared to the Maybelline Colossal Kajal.




Here I just rubbed my fingers on the swatch once and you can see that it faded with one single swipe whereas the Maybelline Kajal stayed put.




Hits – Be a Bombshell Mechanical Eye Liner

  • Soft black shade for women who do not want bold black


Misses – Be a Bombshell Mechanical Eye Liner

  • Pricey
  • Lacks pigmentation
  • Application is not smooth
  • Does not apply on waterline
  • Staying power is really bad
  • Not at all worth the price




Rating: 2/10


Overall Verdict: This is a bad product; there’s no other way to say it. The liner is hard and everytime I have to use it I have to apply more pressure so that the colour shows of but again it hardly stays on for an hour or two and then goes really faint. A huge disappointment from a popular brand, I wish the eye liner was as good as its name!


I have read good reviews about the Be a Bombshell Eye Liner but then I assume it’s the pen eye liner that most are talking about. Coming back to this mechanical eye liner, I will not be trying any other shade from this range or will recommend it to anyone.





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