Born Pretty Store Haul & Shopping Experience  

Hello pretty ladies,



You might start thinking just after my Maybelline haul, how come I immediately have one more haul post on my blog. Well! This is an old haul and I had placed this order along with my Ebay order. This haul is from an online website named


Born Pretty Store (BPS) is an international website where you can find cosmetics, accessories, mobile covers, nail art products and many such girly stuff. I wanted to cover this Born Pretty store haul from a long time but it’s just that I was waiting for a replacement of a few products so did not cover the haul post and my shopping experience till now.


Born Pretty Store haul 10




Born Pretty Store haul 1



Delivery & Packaging: I had placed my order on the 16th may and received my order on 1st June 14. So the delivery time is pretty good when compared international sites. The items were packed in a bag which had bubble wrap cushioning from within. All the items were secure and a few more delicate items were rolled in  Styrofoam sheets. Even this time I did not buy too many items and kept a budget of $20 as I first wanted to check the quality of their products and secondly for the same usual reason, Customs!


Product Variety & Details: The website has a great variety of stuff ranging from beauty supplies to home and wellness but I guess Born Pretty Store is mainly famous for their nail art stuff which is quite reasonably priced. I was tempted to buy so many things but had to control my shopping hunger and I finalized on these items.


Here is my Born Pretty Store haul …


Born Pretty Store haul 2



Born Pretty Store haul 3



Born Pretty Store haul 4



I really wanted to buy these Nail art wheels. There were 2 more different type of nail wheels but I preferred these ones. They are just priced at $ 0.99 for each wheel.



Born Pretty Store haul 6


Some nail stamping plates. The lace nail stickers are so very pretty…. Loved it! The stamping plates range from $0.99 to $2.39 and the white lace stickers are priced at $0.99



Born Pretty Store haul 5


I already have the Konad stamper but I could not resist buying this cute stamper set which has 2 different sized stamping heads and 2 cute scrapers. The eyebrow pencil looks cute too. The stamper set costs $ 4.46 and the eyebrow pencil is priced at $2.99


Born Pretty Store haul 8


During my Bangkok shopping trip, I kept hunting for the Etude ‘I can Fly’ hand cream. But due to the protest most of the shops were closed and it was out of stock at other places. I was lucky enough to find this cutie on the BPS website. This is not from the brand ‘Etude House’ but looks exactly the same and they even have same 4 different fragrances in it. I picked up the Aloe Vera hand cream which is priced at $8.16


The owl packaging is so cute that I am really not bothered about the hand cream. I just wanted it to be a part of my vanity drawer!!! So cute na?



Born Pretty Store haul 11


This cute adjustable ring is priced for $0.99 and the super cute ear cuff is for $1.99. They have an awesome collection of earcuffs. Next time I am planning to buy a bigger one.


Born Pretty Store haul 7



I even ordered 2 Lucky bags which have some hidden contents and you get to know about it only when you receive the package. I have the product swatches and detailed pictures of the lucky bag secret boxes in the next post. The post also has details about the replacement products and my review on the Born Pretty Store (BPS) Lucky bag which you can check here….



Overall Verdict: I am quite pleased with the delivery and customer care service from BPS. I personally am thrilled to try all the products apart from the secret boxes. Overall you get a hell lot of options to choose from and I found the prices to be quite reasonable as well. I was even planning the buy the makeup brush set but I think they are cheaper on ebay so do take a closer look if you plan to buy the makeup brush set. You girls should definitely check out this website and I am sure you will find a lot of interesting items. This time my haul was limited and I have a few more items lying in my wishlist which I plan to buy soon.



So did you girls enjoy my Born Pretty Store haul ?










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