Born Pretty Store Lucky Bag Secret Boxes – Review & Product Swatches  


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From my last article on Born Pretty Store Haul & Shopping Experience you must have known that I was quite impressed with the BPS variety and their nail art stuff. The only thing I was unhappy about was the secret boxes content which I requested for replacement. Here are the further details on the same issue.


Born Pretty Store secret box 1




Returns & Replacement: I was not impressed by the quality of the secret boxes and hence sent a mail to their customer care team on the 2nd June. I received a reply asking me to send the images of the products in the secret boxes which I did. On 4th June I received a reply saying that they were sending me a replacement of the boxes. I was quite happy that the customer care team understood my dissatisfaction and without any unnecessary explanation and were sending other items as replacement. I received the replacement items on the 19th June.



This is the stuff that I received in my old boxes and the swatches of the products as well.


Born Pretty Store secret box 2


The first is the nail art secret box priced for just $0.99 for 3 items.


Born Pretty Store secret box 3


Born Pretty Store secret box 5



Born Pretty Store secret box 4






Born Pretty Store secret box 6


I agree that the price is very nominal and they cannot include expensive stuff, but these items are a bit tacky and of poor quality. The hello kitty nail studs look quite old and the silver nail stickers just don’t excite me. The black Chanel false nails without nail glue are of no use. I didn’t like them either. I had seen in customer reviews that they supplied nail striping tapes and such similar stuff and I was expecting my secret box to have such kind of stuff but products are below average for me. I only liked the Hello Kitty nail stickers from this bag.


Born Pretty Store lucky bag 15




This is the other secret cosmetics bag which is priced for $1.99 for 3 products.


Born Pretty Store secret box 7



Born Pretty Store secret box 8



Born Pretty Store secret box 9



Born Pretty Store secret box 10


Again, this included items which we would not use on a regular basis. The colour of the mascara is quite odd and it has chunky glitter which I will never use. The lip patch is also quite weird. The lipstick seemed OK in the beginning but when I tried to swatch it, the colour did not show off properly even after multiple swipes. I did not like any item in this box as well.



Now coming to the replacement products. Firstly, I was told I will be sent replacement which obviously meant for both the boxes but my replacement package contained only 3 items which means that only one box was replaced but I did not bother to send them a mail this time.


Born Pretty Store secret box 11



Born Pretty Store secret box 12




Born Pretty Store secret box 13



Born Pretty Store secret box 14



I haven’t swatched these items as I am planning to give these away and don’t think I will be using them. The floral nail art stickers are good but as I already have quite a few nail art stickers, they will go in my Giveaway 🙂 The lipstick shade also looks nice but as I don’t use lispticks again this is of no use to me. The retractable 2 in 1 eyeshadow pencil seems great too but as I already have a  white eye pencil bought from Bangkok, I am not sure what will I do with another white eyeshadow pencil as I hardly used my old pencil even. You can check the swatches and review of the Sweet Princess Eyeshadow pencil here.




Overall Verdict: Born Pretty Store has some great products to choose from and I absolutely love their nail art stuff but I would refrain from buying lucky bag/secret boxes in future. Apart from this I think you are good to find other good stuff! I am definitely going to pick up a few more nail art items.



So have you ever shopped from BPS and how was your experience?










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