Chambor Stay On Kajal Review


Chambor Stay On Kajal Review


Chambor is one of those underrated makeup brands whose marketing relies primarily on the quality & credibility of the product. It is a medium to high-end brand that you’ll find on counters at Lifestyle or Shopper Stop store. Chambor products are also available online, but the products sold online are rather limited. So here is the Chambor Stay On Kajal Review for you all.




Price: INR 395 for 0.28gm






Package Description: The Chambor Stay on Kajal comes in an elegant dark blue box with Chambor embossed on it. The packaging of this kajal is rather unusual in the sense that although this comes in a twist up packaging & the twist up only works when you run out of the existing product which is innovative because so many kajals just end up getting wasted because of excessive twisting up. So the one way twist up mechanism though sounds cool can be an issue at times.




My Take on the Product: I have always loved trying out new kajals since kajal is one of my staples in a makeup routine. This one by Chambor seemed to be one that I’d never heard about. Although I was apprehensive about purchasing it, I did end up buying it and needless to say using it was a decent experience.

Firstly, the Chambor stay on Kajal has really good pigmentation. Texture wise this is not the smoothest kajals I have used, but it does glide on effortlessly on the eyes. It is also quite convenient to be used as a liner on the lids. One thing I appreciate about the formulation is it does not irritate the eyes unlike some other kajals in the market & it’s not scented which is definitely a hit for me.

This kajal is smudge proof & waterproof but on the downside is just very difficult to remove even with a makeup remover! The pricing of this kajal is very expensive in comparison to some other brands like Maybelline and I wish they worked on the pricing of this product.

Although I mentioned about the packaging being innovative, it can be a bit of an issue since the mechanism is not the best one & sometimes it gets difficult to twist up the product to get the amount you prefer.




HitsChambor Stay On Plus Kajal 

  • Pigmented
  • Smudge proof & waterproof
  • Innovative packaging
  • Not scented


MissesChambor Stay On Plus Kajal 

  • One way twist mechanism could be an issue
  • Expensive for a Kajal
  • Not easily available




Rating: 6.5/10


Overall Verdict: Overall, although I did have a good experience with this kajal, there are many more affordable & similar kajals available in the market which I would try out in the future. I don’t think the pros of this kajal offset the cons and so I won’t be repurchasing this. Hope you found this review helpful.






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