Craftsvilla Website Review and Shopping Experience


Craftsvilla Website Review and Shopping Experience


I am a habitual online shopper. A few hours online and I happen to find myself looking for dresses and accessories. 🙂 As you all know we girls do not need reasons or occasions for shopping but when we do, we start hunting like a crazy hound. Recently I had to look out for ethnic wear for a traditional family function. I usually shop on sites like Jabong and Myntra but this time I decided to go with Craftsvilla as I found they are a real good ethnic collection. I decided to give it a go … to find out if this site has found a place to be bookmarked on my laptop, continue reading…




I had my hesitation as I was shopping on a new site but I had to give it a try. I was confused if I wanted to check out on a lehenga or a saree. With limited time in my hand for the function I decided to go with a saree as I never wanted to get into a hassle of semi-stitched lehengas or their alterations.


The Craftsvilla website has various options in Indian ethnic wear for women and men, jewellery and even home decor. The website is user friendly and easy to navigate. They even ship internationally so they do have currency option on the menu bar as well. When you surf for a particular item on the website, you might notice that it repeats after certain page views or may be on the same page too. This is because the same item is sold by various sellers. The price quoted by different sellers varies from each other so you might want to cross check an item before ordering. While I was looking for a saree this one thing irritated me as I could see the same designs being repeated on various pages. This increases your time on the website and when you are specifically looking for something, you might find it to be a time consuming.


To narrow down the results, I decided to filter the categories. I wanted a net saree so I filtered the category by fabric and even selected the price range. I finally came across 2 sarees which I really loved. One was a green and blue half saree with lovely gold and zari work and the other was a beautiful blue and beige saree with gold zari border and motifs. I was not sure if the work and the embellishment on the green saree was that detailed as shown in the image. To be on a safer side, I settled on the blue and gold saree. I decided to pick the green saree later depending on the quality of my first purchase. Here are a few images that I have taken from the website of the blue and beige saree.


craftsvilla review


craftsvilla shopping experince


I had seen these sarees on some other sites and some instagram pages where they were priced much higher around 4-5k. I was surprised to see that the same saree costed Rs 1200-1700 on the Craftsvilla site. I wasn’t picking up a Bollywood replica saree and they had 2-3 images of the same saree in different angles so I thought I was in safe hands. After comparing the prices with different sellers, I ordered the saree from a seller named ‘Krisha Fashion’. There is an extra shipping cost charged by every seller and even that varies from seller to seller so you might wanna take that into consideration before finalizing on a product.


I ordered the product on the 28th of June and received it on 6th July which is almost a week. I was pretty ok with the delivery time though I have experienced faster deliveries with other sites. The package was slightly smaller than I expected. The saree was tightly wrapped in a flimsy plastic bag which had the craftsvilla design printed on top. I had to cut it carefully to avoid any kind of damage to the product. Inside the package, was an ordinary plastic bag, the saree was literally stuffed in the plastic bag which eventually tore off while removing the saree.


craftsvilla saree


When I opened the saree I was aghast. I was terribly disappointed with the saree fabric and the colour. At this price point I could have compromised on both the aspects but what completely spoiled my mood was the embroidery. Instead of fancy gold zari work, what I could see was simple white thread work. The whole saree including the blouse and the motifs had this cheap thread work going on. You can check the images below to see for yourself the vast difference in the displayed and the actual product.


craftsvilla review


craftsvilla shopping


This was nowhere close to my expectations (honestly which weren’t even high). It did not take me a min to decide that I had to return this product. As I got busy with the family function, I was able to place a return request on the 9th of July. Within 2 days the courier guy appeared at my doorstep to collect the order. There is an option for self shipping too but it’s obvious that most of us would opt for the courier guys to pick it from us.


On 13th July, I received a message from the Craftsvilla team saying that they had received the product and the refund would be initiated within the next 24 to 48 hours. I was aware that the refund process takes longer though the company had its own big claims of quick refund and decided to wait. Finally after not able to see any credit in my account for over 3-4 days, I called them on the 18th July to confirm the status of my refund. I came across a very annoying girl who said that the refund takes 7 working days. She had no answer to my questions and kept repeating her lines when I asked her that the message stated otherwise. After losing all hopes I felt that conversation wasn’t making any sense and decided to wait longer. Finally I received the credit on 22nd July.


I hate whenever I come across such fraudulent behaviour. I mean you can never trust the quality of the products sold on this site. I know there are so many sellers and it’s difficult to keep a tab on the product quality but as an entity Craftsvilla should be strict about the seller policy. The product was completely different from the one shown plus the refund process is dreary (sending an email with invoice copy) and takes a long time.


My overall shopping experience with Craftsvilla hasn’t been pleasant at all and I am so glad that I did not impulsively go for the other saree as well. I am sure it would be a disaster too. I can understand if the product description says that the item is a replica but after publishing certain images, you really can’t send out a substandard product. In simple words according to me this is ‘Shop at your own Risk’ site and personally I would be shopping from this site ever.



Do let me know if you have any similar experience with or any other site for that matter.





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