Dry Marble Nail Art – NOTD; How to get marble nails without water!

Dry Marble Nail Art – NOTD

How to get marble nails without water!


It’s been a long time since I posted a NOTD. I really love to try out different and easy nail arts. I get bored or plain painted nails after a while and that’s what brings out my creative side at front. Whether it be nail art stamping or tiny cute nail paint designs, I need some variation in my nail arts. 




I am really fascinated with the water marbling nail art but somehow I have noticed that Indian brands of nail polishes do not work very well with water marbling. I have still managed a water marble nail art earlier and you can check it here. I have tried several times but this types of nail arts really turn out to be messy and even results in a lot of product wastage ( I am very tight-fisted when it comes to some of my special nail polishes) 😛

So I had no option but to look out for an alternative to water marbling effect. Then I learned about dry marble nails and started experimenting with it. I really found it quite easy and then nothing could stop me from sharing it with you all. So here is my simple and easy Dry Marble nail art for you all.




These are the nail polishes I have used for creating this nail art. You can choose any colour combination of your choice. One thing that you really need is patience! At times the nail combination does not work as you think so you have to keep trying till you find your perfect combination. Just make sure that your nail polishes are not dry or too goopy.




Step I: Apply a single coat of nail polish on your nails. Here I have used the Colorbar nail polish.




Step II: Apply a second coat of the same nail polish and before it dries place dots of the other nail polishes on it according to your desired pattern. I have used the Maybelline and the VOV nail polishes here and placed alternate dots on one side of the nail.




Step III: Take a toothpick or a nail art wood stick stick the one I am using here and pass it through the dots. I have created a random pattern by creating a few swirls in-between. 






Step IV: Let the nail art dry and apply your favourite top coat.










So what do you think of my Dry marble nails, do let me know in the comments below.





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