Ebay Haul & My 1st International order & Shopping Experience    


Hey girls,



After my White Beauty haul this is my recent small ebay haul. Actually this is the first time I placed an international order. I get scared in placing international orders mainly due to 3 reasons – firstly due to transit, as I am not sure if the product reaches my doorstep in a perfect condition… we all know how careful the air transit systems are… 😉 Secondly due to customs, I have heard scary incidents where the customs duties were 2-3 times more than the actual cost of the product. And lastly, due to the returns & refunds procedure. No matter even if the site claims that they will refund the return charges but still returning an international order is a lot of pain.


Ebay Haul



I am also a bit sceptical when it comes to payment on international sites but with PayPal coming into picture, I think things have become a bit simple.



Here is my shopping experience with ebay.com –



Currently I am trying different makeup looks, so my main intention was to buy makeup brushes as just own 3 eye makeup brushes (I did my last eye makeup tutorial – Sea Green Eye Makeup using just those 3 brushes). So after going through a lot of other websites as well as different sellers on ebay, comparing prices and brush types, I finally settled on one seller named beautybutterfly148 and planned to purchase the makeup brushes from him.



I got this beautiful 20 pc makeup brush set for just $7.99 I was stunned! This was definitely going in my cart.



There were a few more products that I liked but I never wanted to combine my parcel with different sellers, never wanted to take the headache of tracking different sellers. I visited the same seller’s store to find out what other products he had to offer. There were a lot of options to choose from and I personally found the prices quite reasonable. So I ordered a false eyelash set and a cute pink fluffy foundation brush. The eyelash set was for $2.49 and the foundation brush for $2.84 J The total order costed me $13.32 which is around Rs 815.  The shipping was free. Aren’t the products cute and completely worth the price?


I even wanted to purchase the eyelash glue and some nail art stuff but as I was exceeding my budget of $10 as my first international order trial and as the seller is based in Hongkong I thought it would be better to receive and check the products and place another order the next time if everything went fine. I was also a bit hesitant about the custom duties on large parcels, so stuck to my small purchase. (Well I am not so economical as I sound.. I have also placed another international order with a quite well known site and waiting for the products.. he he)


I placed my order on the 17th May 2014 and I received the products on the 30th May which is within 15 days, much quickly than the estimated delivery time which is around 20-30 days. I have no idea if it was a special courier or a regular courier but to my horror, the package was kept on top of my mail box outside my house. I mean that dumb delivery guy never had the sense to hand over an international order to someone personally from my house. Luckily when I stepped out of the house after having my lunch I noticed the parcel.  What if anybody would have flicked the parcel??? The seller no-where comes in this picture, it was the careless delivery boy. I wish I would have seen him doing that and I would have given him my piece of mind! Anyways the order was safe and reached me in a perfect condition without having to pay any custom duties or losing in transit type of situation. In fact I never even traced the order.



The products were packed safely in a bubble wrap bag and were intact. The false eyelash box was pressed slightly at the ends but then it’s absolutely normal. Here are the haul pictures… Enjoy!


Ebay Haul 1



Ebay Haul 2



Ebay Haul 3



Ebay Haul 4



Ebay Haul 5



Ebay Haul 6



Overall, I had a great shopping experience with ebay and there is nothing that I want to complaint. The brushes are in perfect condition and look great even I am quite excited to try them out.



I will be doing a separate detailed post on the brushes, till then take care and do let me know what do you thing about my ebay haul!









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