Ebay Striping Tape – Review & NOTD



Hi Girls,



First of all sorry to all those who tried to access the website yesterday. There were some glitches which are sorted out now. As you all now recently I am turning into a nail art addict and you must have realised that from my last Ebay Haul. Today I will be reviewing the Nail striping tapes with a quick and basic NOTD using nail striping tape.










You get to see a lot of nail striping tapes online but Ebay is a place where they are priced the lowest. I got these striping tapes for just $0.99 from Ebay.com. If you are hesitant about buying from international sites you can check Ebay.in and they have different offers, the lowest being Rs 49 for a single striping tape.






Ebay haul 2



These nail striping tapes came in a pack which has 10 different coloured striping tapes. All the colours are beautiful and shiny. The tape is very thin and needs to be handled with a tweezer for easy placement. Each tape has a different coloured beginning so that you can locate the starting point easily. It is advised that you mark the point again after using the tape so that you do not have to struggle next time before using it.










The nail striping tape is very easy to use and gives you those perfect lines. You can create some awesome nail arts using this. Here is a quick and simple NOTD just to demonstrate how these nail stripes work.





Apply a base colour & place the nail stripes as per your pattern desired.






Cut of the excess you if want to create a nail art using just the striping tape and apply a top coat over it. But this kind of nail art will not stay for long, maybe a day or two as the tapes will come off later. For a striped nail art effect, apply a different nail colour of your choice.






If you are planning to remove the nail stripes, don’t cut the ends as you might find it slightly difficult taking them off later.






Pull each nail stripe immediately with the help of a tweezer after applying the second colour. If the second colour stays for a long time, the nail polish will set and you will not have perfect stripes.






So here is the desired nail which needs a top coat to look perfect! While clicking pictures it even took me a few seconds before I could remove the nail striping tapes and as you can see the edges are slightly streaky. With a top coat even this issue will get sorted out.



So what do you think of these nail striping tapes?? I will come up with a lovely NOTD soon using these striping tapes.













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