Eyova Hair Nutrient with Egg Oil Review


Eyova Hair Nutrient with Egg Oil Review


All of us at some point in our lives had to look out for hair care tips. From among the infinite tips, applying egg mask on your hair was quite a popular one. Like most of the girls, even I had to give this tip a try. The overall process of applying egg on your hair is not just messy but quite unbearable too. You atleast need to shampoo your hair 2-3 times to get off the smell. I am sure still a bit of the smell will keep lingering for a day or two. The worst part of the entire process when I tried the same was that the egg stench just was not ready to leave the bathroom. Inspite of all the scrubbing and bathroom cleaners I used, it took 2 days for the smell to wear off completely. After this tedious process, I never looked back at applying egg mask on my hair again.




When I heard about the Eyova Hair Nutrient Egg Oil I was super excited to try it. Imagine getting the benefits of egg oil without all that unpleasant odour and those tiresome efforts. I have been using the Eyova Hair Nutrient Egg Oil for more than 2 months now and here are my thoughts on the same.




Product Claims:






Price: Rs 590 for 50 ml




Package Description: The Eyova Hair Nutrient Egg Oil comes in a small transparent bottle with a flip cap. The packaging is quite simple and user friendly. I haven’t carried this bottle while travelling but this has been lying in my drawer horizontally for a number of times and I haven’t noticed any leakage.


Product Details: When I first opened the bottle I was expecting it to have atleast some egg smell (basically I was expecting it to be a stinky hair oil) but to my surprise, it did not smell anything like that. The oil has a very strong sweet fragrance which is obviously there to suppress the egg smell; so for sensitive noses it might be a concern but I am okay with it. Atleast it does not give my hair and my bathroom an intolerable stink.




The consistency of the Eyova Hair Nutrient Egg Oil is slightly thicker than our regular hair oils. You will be able to see some white gradients in the oil which are cholesterol particles to make you hair smoother, so shake the bottle properly before using it. You just need to take a bit of oil on your palms and massage this oil on your scalp unlike other oils which we are used to pouring on our heads. It’s suggested to atleast keep the hair oil for 3 hours before washing it with a mild shampoo but I prefer leaving my hair oil overnight for better results. Its recommended to oil  your hair twice a week for visible results. your One bottle lasts for around 7-10 uses so even if you oil your twice a week, one bottle should suffice you for approximately a month. Considering it’s just a 50 ml bottle, it feels a bit pricey but almost all the hair nutrient hair oils are priced more or less the same. For an entire month, I did not notice any change in my hair fall but slowly the hair fall started reducing. I already have soft and shiny hair so I cannot comment on the hair texture changes but I have definitely noticed that my scalp has turned a bit soft and isn’t dry as before. In 2 months, I haven’t noticed any reversing of my gray hair but bearing in mind that graying of hair has a lot of reasons to it, I think it will take more time to show the results on the same.




Hits – Eyova Hair Nutrient Egg Oil

  • Reduces hairfall
  • Nourishes scalp
  • Contains egg oil benefits
  • Improves hair quality
  • Isn’t a messy process
  • Requires regular shampooing to come off


Misses – Eyova Hair Nutrient Egg Oil

  • A bit pricey
  • Strong fragrance (not a con for me as I know it’s to suppress the egg oil smell)
  • Unsure about reversing gray hair claims


Rating:  8/10


Overall Verdict: My current hair woe has been my hairfall and I am happy that slowly it’s getting in control. I am satisfied with the Eyova Hair Nutrient Egg Oil effects and I am expecting better results with regular usage.





 * Product sent by the brand for consideration but my views and opinions are unbiased as always.
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