Fab Bag December 2015 Review


Fab bag December 2015 Review


Again this is one more post that I wanted to publish in the last month but as I received the Fab bag in the last week of December I could not review it immediately. I ordered the Fab bag around the 10th of December and the bag arrived on the 26th of December. It took a bit long than I expected and continue reading to know if the Fab bag December 2015 was worth the wait.


My subscription ended almost a year back and I wasn’t too excited to renew it. The December Fab bag offer seemed to be quite exciting, the team gave you an option to choose your favourite bag plus one luxury product. Also, it contained the much talked about Sugar Matte-as-hell lip crayon. Undoubtedly, I was really excited to buy the December Fab bag. I had really liked the July 15 Fab bag but as I was not fascinated with the contents and decided to skip it. The December bag gave me a chance to pick this lovely gold pouch and I selected it immediately.


The Fab bag December 2015 was priced at Rs 699 for the 1 month subscription and the theme was ‘Party all Night’.




I was a bit disappointed when I opened the bag. The lovely gold pouch that I was awaiting was not in proper condition. The bad had crumpled up on one side and the buttons on the opposite ends did not match. I really wanted to use this bag as a clutch but it wasn’t possible and I just hoped that the products in the bag make up for it.


These are the products that I received in my Fab bag December 2015.







Skinn Titan Celeste & Raw Fragrance

These are two sample fragrances, one for women and the other for men. The fragrance seems quite cool and they will come in quite handy to be carried around even in a small clutch.




Vana Italian Bergamot Luxury Summer Shimmer Sunscreen


I had 4 options to choose and I could pick any 1 luxury product. I really wanted the Kama Rose water or the Spa Ceylon White Jasmine Facial Masque but as I did not have those options, I decided to go with the Vana Luxury Summer Shimmer Sunscreen. The sample of the Vana Luxury Summer Shimmer Sunscreen that I have received is 60 ml sample and the full sized product costs Rs 2400 for 115ml. So, I have received a quite deluxe sized sample of this product.




Lever Ayush Suvarna Poshak Skin Rejuvenation Cream


This retails for Rs 210 for 50 gm. The sample sent was 9 gm. Its quite a tiny sample to test out and I haven’t heard about this brand before but I really want to check how far its true to its rejuvenation claims.




Sugar Cosmetics Matte As Hell Crayon Lipstick

This was the star product of the December Fab bag. This is a full size product which costs Rs 799. There are 4 shade options available I got the shade Mary Poppins which was my least favourite shade and I was a quite unhappy to receive the same unexpected shade. I wish I had received the shade ‘Poison Ivy’ which is a lovely berry shade.







The Sugar Matte as hell lip crayon in the shade ‘Mary Poppins’ is a bright pink shade with blue and purple undertones. This shade looks really bright when applied and I really don’t think its meant for olive skin tones.






Kronokare The Frizz Kiss Cooling Explosion Lip Balm

This also the full sized product which costs INR 95 for 10 ml. I can never have enough of lip balms and this one is another addition. This lip balm is silicone and paraben free which sounds great and though I am not a big fan of mint flavour, i do not mind trying out this one.




Overall the December Fab bag was one of the best Fab bags till date as you had options to choose from but I was a bit unlucky this time and I did not receive the expected products. Rest all the products seem average to me but my two important products completely disappointed me. The Sugar Matte as hell lip crayon shade does no suit me and the lovely gold pouch was a bit damaged.


I sent a mail to the Fab bag team informing them about the bag and they were quite quick in replacing the gold pouch. As far as the lip crayon is concerned, if anyone is interested in exchanging their Sugar Matte as hell lip crayon, I would be quite happy to do it.


I am pretty excited what’s in store for the new year and how will the Fab bag team up their game!





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