Fabindia Papaya Face Mask Review


Fabindia Papaya Face Mask Review


I have always been addicted to clay masks so whenever I come across a good and affordable clay mask claiming to have detoxifying or cleansing claims, there is hardly a doubt that won’t pick it up. I have good experiences with Fabindia products. I have tried and reviewed the Fabindia Vitamin E Night Cream and the Fabindia Aloe Vera under eye Gel.




We all know the benefits of papaya on skin but the truth here is I hate eating papaya and when I think of applying homemade papaya mask on my face, I feel sick as I even hate its smell. So when I came across the Fabindia Papaya Face Mask, I was really excited to try this as I thought I would get the benefits of a papaya mask in a ready-made mask without having to bear that silly smell. So here goes my experience with the Fabindia Papaya Face Mask.




Product Claims & Ingredients:




Price: Rs 275 for 120 ml


Shelf Life – 36 months from the date of Mfg.




Package Description: The Fabindia Papaya Face Mask comes in a regular tube packaging with a flip top cap. The cap is quite sturdy hence is very travel and user friendly. I like the fact that unlike other face masks which come in tub package, the Fabindia Papaya Face Mask comes in a tube which makes it very hygienic and easy to use. The mask comes out easily initially but after you have used more than half the product, you really have to give the tube an extra push to get the product out due to its thick creamy texture.




Product Details: The Fabindia Papaya Face Mask is yellowish beige in colour with a creamy paste like texture. It looks and feels quite similar to a multani mutti pack. The smell on the other hand is very strong and weird. I really can’t describe the smell but all I can say it’s not very pleasant and smells really chemically. I really did not expect it to smell great but a face mask specially with the ingredient ‘fragrance’ is expected to have pleasant smell so that you can keep it on for a long time without getting bothered by it. The first time I applied this mask I really had a tingling (almost burning) sensation on my face and I washed it after a few minutes. After a few uses, the burning sensation did reduce but the tingling sensation was always there. So I am not sure how far it will be safe for sensitive skin and would recommend you keep a tab on how much time you apply this face mask. The Fabindia Papaya Face Mask claims of detoxifying and firmly cleansing the skin but I have found the effects of this mask very temporary. Infact the effects last just for a few hours after you clean your face which is like any other regular clay mask. Luckily this mask did not break me out but neither has it worked for me.






Hits – Fabindia Papaya Face Mask Review

  • Easy to use and convenient packaging
  • Good shelf life
  • Contains papaya extracts, glycerine and multani mitti


Misses – Fabindia Papaya Face Mask Review

  • Weird smell
  • Tingling/ burning sensation
  • Does nothing for skin
  • Contains parabens , fragrance and colours
  • Does not act as per it claims


Rating:  2/10


Overall Verdict: I really did not notice any difference in my skin even after using this mask several times. Infact it’s cleansing and freshness claim can be compared to any other regular face pack in the market. The weird smell and the tingling sensation is something that bothers me and hence I would not repurchase it or recommend this to anyone.





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