Glamego September Box 2018 Review


Glamego September Box 2018 Review


This is the first time ever since I started my blog that I have 2 consecutive reviews of a monthly subscription box. Not only are the reviews consecutive but I am reviewing the same month’s box twice as I ordered 2 of them. I have reviewed the September glamego box here and the August glamego box here.

If you want to know more details about Glamego box and it’s subscription, you can check my last post or click on the link here.

As I have already shared all the details, I am going to drive directly into the box and it’s contents.




This time too I ordered the Mother’s day box cover as I found this one really cute and I am planning to make a storage box for Ahaan. These are the products that I have received in the September Glamego box.




1. Biobloom face oil




This is the main reason I ordered the box. Last time during product selection this item wasn’t in the list. Also, I wanted to try the Bella Voste Lip contour set. I am recently adding a lot of face oils and serums into my skincare and when the Glamego team added the Biobloom Radiance face oil into the list, there was no doubt I could resist it.

The Biobloom face oil itself cost for Rs 1499. It’s on discount most of the times and can cost around Rs 699-899, which is again way more than the cost of the entire box which includes 5 items. You get 15 ml of the product.

So instead of buying just the face serum, it’s much more sensible to select another 4 products and subscribe to the September Glamego box.


2. Kronokare Pollu-Stop Face spray




This was the second reason for me to buy the September Glamego box again. Even this item wasn’t there in their list for the first time. So when I saw the face oil and the Kronokare face spray I knew the box would be totally worth it.

There are quite a few facial sprays in the market but this Kronokare pollu-stop face protective screen spray is something that I haven’t heard about. This is really seems to be an interesting product and I’m quite excited to try this.

The best part is that the Kronokare pollu-stop face spray is free from sulphates, mineral oil, parabens and fragrance. This retails for Rs. 495.


3. Votre Multivitamin and Rejuvenating night cream




I am really liking the Votre face packs that I received in my first September Glamego box. And instead of opting for the Wine gel pack which I already have, I am really happy that I got an option to select the Votre multivitamin and rejuvenating night cream.


4. Bella Voste clear nail polish




This time too the Sun island kiss lip balms were out of stock and the nail paints that I like it were sold out. So instead of opting for the dark shades, which I didn’t like; I opted for the Bella voste clear nail polish.

After the first three items getting added on to my bag, this seems more of like an add on product for me. So no complaints!


5. Aroma magic Coffee Bean scrub




They aren’t too many options when you come to the last of the product selection page. Like I mentioned last time, instead of trying the face wash I preferred buying The Coffee Bean Scrub again.




So these are the products I have received in my September Glamego box. I am super happy with all the products. With the Biobloom radiance face oil costing more than the box itself, I think it’s one of the best deals around.

The Glamego team has really surprised me with their creativity and sale ideas. This is the first time ever that I  have bought 2 boxes of the same monthly subscription box.

Without a doubt this is one of the best boxes till date. It’s so much of options which includes box as well as product selection, I think the box is worth every penny! So if you looking out for a good subscription box, you should definitely check out the September Glamego box.








P.S. – This review is not paid or I am not promoting Glamego in any way. It’s just that when I find a good deal or I like something, I want to put my honest reviews across.


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