Himalaya Youth Eternity Under Eye Cream Review


Himalaya Youth Eternity Under Eye Cream Review


Today’s review is about an eye cream by Himalaya Herbals. Whenever I think of Himalaya, what comes to my mind is something natural, or herbal. Himalaya recently launched a ‘Youth Eternity’ range which is like an anti ageing range of products. Read further to know the review of the Himalaya Youth Eternity Under Eye Cream!




Product Claims:






Price: INR 525 for 15ml


Package Description: This comes in a white, turquoise and gold packaging which looks quite appealing in my opinion. The eye cream comes in a tube with a pointed applicator for ease in application.




Product Details: This cream doesn’t have any particular smell, although it does have some plant extracts. The consistency is on the thicker side and the texture is smooth.


My experience with the product: Before I start with the review of this product, my sole purpose for investing in an eye cream was for my puffy eyes. I have been troubled by puffy eyes since quite some time and although they do settle up after a while I needed an instant fix because puffy eyes look really weird to go for work with. As you can see, this cream promises to get rid of puffy eyes as well so I decided to try it out. The price is also quite decent, compared to other eye creams.

I have been using this for over a month now and I have still not run out of the product. The thing I love about this cream is it hydrates the skin around eye area quite well but it also actually reduces puffy eyes sooner than what the normal course of swelling reduction would’ve been. With some concealing and mascara, my eyes do look presentable. I’m quite unsure of the under eye circles and under eye bags as well. I don’t have dark circles however; I think this could take a long time to work for dark circles.






HitsHimalaya Youth Eternity Under Eye Cream

  • Better and user friendly packaging
  • Smooth texture
  • Works effectively and quickly on puffy eyes


MissesHimalaya Youth Eternity Under Eye Cream 

  • Slightly on pricier side from a brand like Himalaya
  • Might take longer to work on dark circles




Rating: 8.5/10


Overall Verdict: Overall, I think this is a great budget cream if you are troubled by puffy eyes, however for dark circles I believe there are better creams in the market which would address the concern better.






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