IN2IT Eyebrow Colour – Review & Swatches      

IN2IT Eyebrow Colour – Review & Swatches  


A few days back I mentioned that I preferred eye brow kits over eyebrow pencils in my review on the Rimmel London eyebrow pencil. Today I will be reviewing an eyebrow colour kit from the brand called IN2IT which I bought when I went to Thailand. You can check my shopping haul from Bangkok post here.


IN2IT eyebrow colour 4


About the brand: In2it started 12 years ago when a group of like-minded artists and designers began developing cosmetic products for fun. The objective was to develop cosmetic formulations of high quality, at prices that were widely affordable for friends and exclusive customers. The order books quickly grew and in year 2000 the products became available under the brandname In2it through selective department stores. The In2it brand is owned by Asia Pacific Cosmetics Corporation (APCC), Hong Kong, which remains a private company.

Nowadays, In2it is available in well over a thousand stores, but still remains true to the original idea of offering high quality formulations, at affordable prices and continues to develop ideas with artists and designers. The brand is particularly famed for eyeliners, eye colour and blush. In2it products are formulated for Asian skin using ingredients and technology from Japan and Europe. All products are manufactured to international safety standards and are registered and approved by the relevant Government Health Departments.

In2It cosmetics are presently available in three countries (Malaysia, Philippines &Thailand) through a variety of department stores, health and beauty markets, hypermarkets and supermarkets, but not sold online.


IN2IT eyebrow colour 1


Price: 220 Baht i.e Rs 397 app


Package Description: I love that the case is so compact and looks cute too. The floral pattern on the black case gives it a nice girly feel. The click-lock case is quite sturdy as well. The kit contains an angular brush which has nylon bristles.


IN2IT eyebrow colour 6



IN2IT eyebrow colour 5



Product Details: I am quite surprised with the battle that goes in the beauty industry, if a particular brand launches liquid lipsticks, kajal or nail enamel collection, there are 10 other brands launching their product of similar type in the market within no time. Well! It’s good to have options but till now why hasn’t any of our regular brands come up with an eyebrow kit? I am sure a lot of girls like me with light brows are eager to find a good eye brow kit that easily helps us shape and groom our brows. The ones that are available are from very high end brands which cost a bomb and the others need to be ordered from international websites.


On my Thailand trip I was lucky enough to come across this product, at this price I was head over heels and immediately picked it up the product. Looking at the shade I thought there were colour options as it’s named ‘IN2IT Eyebrow Colour in ER 1’ but this is the only shade, it’s just named that way. This single kit is meant to cater to all kinds of eyebrows – like the Korean girls or females with light coloured eyebrows could mix and match the 1st and the 2nd shade whereas those with slightly dark coloured eyebrows could play around with the 2nd and the 3rd shade. Speaking of the quality, the eyebrow shades are not at all chalky and stay on the eyebrows for almost the entire day with minimal fading. I even tried using the shades as eye shadows a few times and they worked well, a lot of Thai girls even have claimed to use this kit for contouring as well (I am just trying to throw some light on how multipurpose this product can be). This eyebrow colour kit just takes a few minutes, infact less that even an eyebrow pencil and I personally find it very effortless to groom my eyebrows with this kit. The angular brush first seems a bit flimsy during application but it picks right quantity without too much scraping of the colours and gives even application. There are a lot of good points about the product which I have directly mentioned in the hits section as the product detail section was getting too long.


IN2IT eyebrow colour 7



IN2IT eyebrow colour


Hits – IN2IT Eyebrow Colour


I just feel like writing I love it and it’s my HG eyebrow kit but I have to mention the points, right??? So here they are… 

  • Enhances your brows making it look very natural (I can give 10 points straight here itself)
  • Vitamin E enriched
  • 5 years self life (I mean really WOW)
  • Shades are not chalky
  • One kit can be used for different eye brow colours
  • Product goes long way
  • 3 shades to mix and match
  • Sweat proof and water proof unless you wipe/rub it off
  • Comes with a small mirror for quick touch ups
  • Perfect pigmentation for an eyebrow powder


 Misses – IN2IT Eyebrow Colour 

  • For it to be a perfect kit, I wished it had come with tweezers
  • Light shade does not come to much use on Indian skin
  • Availability





IN2IT eyebrow colour 3

Natural Brow



IN2IT eyebrow colour 2

Brow after applying the IN2IT eyebrow colour



IN2IT eyebrow colour 8

(L) Natural brow (R) Brow with IN2IT eyebrow colour



Rating: 9.5/10 (Just because I have to consider every aspect otherwise the product is a for sure gets 10/10 quality and utility wise)


Overall Verdict: I completely love this eyebrow kit. This kit is so compact that it fits in all my slim clutches easily. I have never been so much in love with my eyebrows before; it makes them look so perfect and makes me happy. 🙂 I so wish it could be easily available in India but if you ever find this brand abroad make sure you grab it instantly. I really regret not buying the eye pencils from this brand. 🙁




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