Ipsy Glam Bag September, October and November Review


Ipsy Glam Bag September, October and November Review


While the other bloggers are reviewing their January 2016 Glam Bag I am reviewing the glam bags of last year and this is because Ipsy Glam bags are delivered only in US and Canada. I always wanted to get my hands on the Glam bags but the delivery was a problem so I had to ask my friend who stays in the US to collect my every months glam bag. He came last month and got me all my 3 Glam bags for the month of September, October and November.




As these are old Glam bags and I have combined 3 posts in one, I will try to keep it short. I subscribed to the Ipsy Glam bag subscription in the month on September (My birthday month, a gift for myself) and was quite excited as I really loved the September Glam bag. I am not sure what happened but I got a mail saying that my first Glam bag would start from October. I was really unhappy as I truly wanted the September Glam bag. I mailed the Ipsy team and asked them to check if they could charge me for that month too and send me the bag instead of starting the subscription from October. A lady named Maj got back to me saying that as the Glam bag subscription was an automated process which she could not change but she was kind enough to send me the September Glam pouch and one complimentary eye shadow brush. I couldn’t have been happier and impressed by such a service.


This is what I the September Glam bag looks like. It’s a lovely bronze pouch with some detailing. I plan to use this as a clutch. The theme for September was ‘Face Fashion’.




I received the dual ended Crown Brush Infinity Shadow/ Crease Duet brush with it. It’s quite soft. The actual price of this brush is $17.50 but on the company website you can find it for $6.99.




Here is the October Glam bag




The October Glam bag is a simple black and gold pouch one of my least favourites. The bag is small and similar to a coin purse. I wish both the sides of the pouch were gold instead of gold in front and black at the back.

These are the products I received in my October Glam Bag themed ‘Alter-Ego’.


The Balm Cosmetics 

Meet Matt(e) Hughes Long-Lasting Liquid Lipstick




$17 for the full product, Ipsters received a mini version in their glam bag. Quite excited to try this one.



Exotic & Spicy Eau de Parfum




exotic & spicy


The fragrance is a bit strong but I like it when its applied minimally at the right points.


Hey Honey

Come Clean: Propolis & Minerals Facial Scrub




This 0.5 oz is quite a small sample to try out. Hope it lasts me atleast 3 uses to test it properly.


IT Cosmetics 

Hello Lashes® Clinically Proven 5-in-1 Mascara



I am always looking for lengthening mascaras so I am quite excited to try this one. Again a mini sized products but happy to receive it.


Touch in Sol 

Mini Browza Super Proof Gel Brow Pencil




This is one of the best products of the bag. So far so good. The shade is a great match for my eyebrows but these is one glitch. I will let you girls know about it in the detailed review of this product.


The November Glam bag themed ‘Beauty Blast’ is a synthetic pouch with galaxy print on it which looks quite cool.







‘ME’ Peptide Infused Lacquer




A lovely nail polish in the Nov Glam Bag. I would have preferred a different colour though.


Be A Bombshell

Cosmetics Mechanical Eye Liner




I can never have enough black eyeliners and trying new brands is always fun.


Albertini International 

Warm Love Pumpkin Exfoliating Mask




I am not at all a pumpkin fan so this will one of the last products to try out.


Smashbox Cosmetics

Full Exposure Mascara




Another mascara in the immediate next bag but when its a brand like ‘Smashbox’ who wouldn’t be excited to try this.



Mini Matte Lip Crayon




One of the cutest products by far in the Ipsy Glam bags that I have received. A great peachy nude shade added in my collection.


So these are all the products that I received in my 3 Glam bags. The Glam bag concept is similar to the Fab Bag here in India. You can pay for each month or opt for annual subscription to get better discount. The Glam bag costs $10 for every month including shipping and I really love the brands that are included in these Glam bags. I will eagerly wait for the day when Ipsy stars delivering in India, till then I will have to depend on my friends to get it for me as and when they visit India 😉


Do let me know what do you think of the products that I have received in my Glam bags.






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