Loafers VS Sneakers – The comfort factor

Loafers VS Sneakers, What’s your comfort style??

 Shoes are an integral part of dressing and lately this trend is getting more comfortable and casual. Heels are women’s all time favourites and they look classy and edgy but sometimes we have to let go of the pain of heels and opt for something which is more relaxing and comfortable. Finding a balance between comfort and fashion is the key to casual dressing and here come in the slip-on sandals. There are a lot of varieties in shoes but today I am going to find out which one is better among the 2 types of shoes which are very popular – Loafers VS Sneakers.


Firstly what are Loafers and Sneakers?


Loafers are basically casual slip-ons that are typically low and lace-less. They are extremely versatile and can be paired with anything from formals to casuals, semi-formals and even shorts. In fact, wearing shorts with loafers will make the shorts look dressier.




Sneakers are nothing else but a nicer word for sports or athletic shoes. Sneakers pair up very well with any casual outfit and denims or casual pants. It is basically a type of footwear with a flexible sole made of rubber or synthetic material and an upper part made of leather, suede or canvas just like loafers but with laces.





Trend wise both are quite popular and it depends on an individual’s choice so let’s discuss which one is the best when it comes to comfort.


The first obvious point here will be that loafers are lace-less whereas sneakers have laces so ideally you can just slip on your feet inside your loafers whereas sneakers will take those extra efforts of tying your lace and removing it whenever needed. On the other hand sneakers are more weather friendly, by being weather friendly I mean that as they cover your feet completely they will be more warm during winters and also a better option during rains. As both have rubber soles, both of them provide a good grip and but I still feel if you have to walk or travel a lot, sneakers will be a better option. If your feet sweat a lot or you are prone to blisters in that case loafers will come to your rescue. Also broader feet people find loafers more comfortable than sneakers.


Check out a these celebrities who completely rock in their casual shoes.









One of my favourite actresses Kristen Stewart, is a sneaker and converse addict. She is always found pairing her dresses with sneakers or loafers.






Overall, as difficult as it is to judge them by style, it’s equally difficult to choose which one are best comfort-wise Loafers or Sneakers. Personally I feel both are stylish, casual, comfortable, supportive, dressy and smart. Choosing between them completely depends on what pairs best with your outfit, where are you travelling, how long do you have to walk and the type of weather.


So girls, you tell me; what is your choice … Loafers or Sneakers.


Tip – Whatever you wear, try to match your belt or your bag with your casual shoes, so that it can nicely frame your outfit and it will make the outfit look more put together.





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