Loreal Casting Creme gloss Sonam’s Dark Chocolate – Review


Loreal Casting Creme Gloss Sonam’s Dark Chocolate – Review, Price, Before & After Pics


Anyone who loves temporary hair colour must have tried the Loreal Casting Creme Gloss Hair colour. After Loreal launched the casting crème collection, it has been quite in demand since. Firstly its easy to apply. Secondly, its a temporary hair colour which does not damage your hair as much as the permanent hair colours do and its free of ammonia according to their claims.




I have already reviewed the Loreal Casting Creme Gloss Hair colour in detail here, so today I will just express my opinions about the shade 323 Sonam’s Dark Chocolate.










I got the Loreal color protect shampoo free with the kit.


Price: Rs 499


My take on the product: I was never into hair colouring but my grey hair compelled me to try out hair colour. I must say I am impressed with the Loreal Casting Creme Gloss hair colour as it really did not damage my hair as I had expected hair colours to. The shade that I had used earlier was ‘Darkest brown’ which though did not cover my greys completely, it did camouflage it well! I wanted to try a different shade this time and first I thought of picking the shade Plum but then eventually landed on ‘Sonam’s Dark Chocolate’. I really love the way the shade looks on her hair as shown on the pack. Obviously I did not expect the same results but I would have been happy to get a similar or close-to effect.


The hair colour application and procedure is the same. This time I kept the hair colour for 30 mins before washing it off. Whenever you use the Loreal Casting Creme Gloss hair colour though it imparts shine to your hair, you might notice that your hair feels a bit dry for a day or two. But after 1/2 washes it gets back to normal. The shade ‘Sonam’s Dark Chocolate’ gives a lovely brown tone to hair which looks lovely in broad daylight. The shade is obviously lighter than the shade ‘Darkest Brown’ so you cannot expect it to cover your greys better than the later one. Its turns grey hair into light brown. So if you have too many white/grey hair and are planning to just use this hair colour for grey coverage then I suggest you use the darker shades.


This is how the before and after pics looks like.



Before (My hair colour with the shade Darkest Brown earlier)



After (With the shade Sonam’s Dark Chocolate)


There may not be too much of difference when looked at generally but it definitely makes a difference in broad daylight as shown below.



Hair colour in broad daylight



Overall Verdict: Overall, I really how this shade gives your hair that lovely brown glaze in broad daylight. If you ask me if I prefer my hair with the shade  ‘Darkest Brown’ or  ‘Sonam’s Dark Chocolate’, I would definitely go with ‘Sonam’s Dark Chocolate’ but as I mentioned earlier if you are looking grey coverage then you should opt for the darker shades. If you want to just experiment with hair colouring, I will definitely recommend this shade!


Let me give you a money saving tip here. If your hair is short, you really don’t need to use the entire content. You can use a mixing bowl and just use half the product and keep the remaining for next use. Though I have mid-back length hair I kept around 1/4 th of the product so that I could use it for root touch up next month. Call me frugal but I believe in less hair damage. Why to colour full hair when you just need to cover your greys from the roots!





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