Loreal Paris Casting Creme Gloss – My First Experience with Hair Colour



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Like me, who all are extremely protective about their hair and over cautious when it comes to trying new products or styling your hair? Till date I have never tried smoothening, curling or colouring my hair. Years back I tried henna once and it made my hair dry and rough,  so never even looked back at it again. This was my first experience with hair colour from the very talked about Loreal Paris Casting Creme Gloss!





I basically have soft, straight and silky hair so I don’t bother to use any products on my hair but I have a few grey strands which are quite prominent (infact it’s a bit of weird situation, I have single white hair strands in different sections which stand out and pop out among the other black hair). I have tried chopping of that strand but when it grows again, it turns a bit pokey and stands out more. Also, its difficult to find hair at the back of the head and to cut them off. So finally I decided to give in and try out hair colour. Loreal Paris Casting Creme Gloss had to be my first option as I had heard quite good reviews about it and the main factor that it was ammonia free. Also I know that permanent colour damages your hair, so it had to be a semi permanent colour.




Loreal Paris Casting Creme Gloss Claims & Guide:

















how -to-use-Loreal-casting-creme-gloss



Price: Rs 545



I even received a lovely Loreal Hair brush with this kit.





The Box contains:









My Take on Loreal Paris Casting Creme Gloss: I was quite sure that I never wanted to change my hair colour, my only concentration being grey coverage (You can select the hair colour you want using this shade selector option here). I was confused between choosing ‘ 300 Darkest Brown’ and ‘360 Black Cherry’ but finally picked up the shade – Darkest Brown. I followed all the instructions provided in the manual. For grey coverage it asks you to keep the hair colour for a total of 20 mins but kept the hair colour on for 30 minutes as I wanted the hair colour to be exactly the same as my original hair colour. The hair colour is very easy to apply and does not need professional help. I even loved the smell of the hair colour. Overall I found the kit quite easy to use. Now moving to the main part, the after-effect…..




Grey hair before Colouring




Grey hair after colouring




Before Using Loreal CAsting Creme Gloss




After Using Loreal CAsting Creme Gloss





Hair colour in Bright sunlight


Firstly, I was happy that my hair colour did not change, and the grey hair were not that prominent anymore; they were not not the same colour as my hair but they turned into light brown so it was more of a camouflage. Satisfactory, but that even makes me think should I have tried the shade Cherry Black? Anyways Loreal Paris Casting Creme Gloss adds a lovely shine to your hair. For me it was almost the same but  think it will work great on anyone with dull or muted hair. The Royal jelly conditioner that came along helps to smoothen out dry and frizzy hair but honestly I felt my hair was a bit dry than usual. Its doesn’t look that dry in pictures but when I pass my fingers through my hair, I have noticed its not very smooth anymore and they are a bit coarse than before especially the ends.












I never wanted to write a review immediately within a few days of colouring my hair. I knew the results would change sooner or later as it is a semi permanent hair colour. This is my second week or hair colour and after 3 hair washes. I don’t see a major change in the hair colour as it exactly resembles my hair colour but when I look at the grey hair, the light brown shade has already started fading which means I am not sure if the hair colour survives 24 washes as claimed. Also I have noticed my hair is gaining back its smoothness unlike the 1 week of hair colour so may be it was all that chemical process that took a toll on my hair but things are going back in place, so as long as I have my soft and smooth hair back, I am quite happy. The hair colour looks great in broad sunlight.



Overall Verdict: Its a great option if you want to just try out a new colour or want to add a bit of shine to you dull hair but if you have silky, shiny hair or want to opt for grey coverage you should keep all the above pros and cons in mind.  Also I think the kit is a bit pricey considered its a semi permanent hair colour or if not they could have increased the conditioner quantity so that it could be easier to maintain coloured hair for a longer duration.



Note – Its better that you apply vaseline or oil on your forehead and ears so that even if the colour gets accidentally applied on these parts, it can easily come off.




So what do you think about the Loreal Casting Creme gloss??? ? Have you given it a try yet?










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