Loreal Paris True Match BB Cream Review & Swatches


Loreal Paris True Match BB Cream Review & Swatches


Today I’ll be reviewing a BB cream (they call it ‘skin idealizing cream’) from one of my most favourite brands of all times, Loreal. I have always loved Loreal for their cosmetics, as they really work well with my skin type and are not super expensive although they do hit the margin of a high end brand. I have tried quite a few BB creams until now and read on to know how this one fared for me!




Product Claims: True Match BB cream is a smooth milky emulsion with a touch of tint for natural coverage and a luminous satin finish. Discover your true match from 3 flawless shades.

A super-blendable, true to skin tone BB Cream. Skin tone is perfected with pores, imprefections covered. Get all day hydrated coverage.




Price: INR 655 for 30ml, but I got this on a discount at around INR 516 online




Package Description: This comes in a silver and white tube style sleek packaging, which looks quite rather dull in my opinion. Looking at the packaging of a few of their other products, I think L’Oreal could’ve revamped the packaging of their BB cream too. However, I have no qualms with the quality of the packaging, as it is quite sturdy.




Texture, Consistency and Fragrance: The Loreal Paris True Match BB Cream has a very sheer feel and the consistency is quite runny. This is the first BB cream that I have tried which has such a unique texture. It does not smell particularly great but does have a very mild chemically scent.


My take on the Product: This BB cream comes in three shades: Ivory, Honey and Gold. I picked up ‘Gold’ since that seemed the darkest shade in the range. Initially, I was impressed by the claims that this product made about the formula being hydrating. This BB cream contains Hyaluronic acid which is known to retain the moisture into the skin. I was really happy because this meant I could skip on the moisturizer and just use this as a 2 in 1 product since I have oily skin and I didn’t need heavy moisturization. However, I was quite disappointed with the way this felt on my skin. After about an hour of the application of this BB cream, my skin felt really weird and when I looked onto the mirror I had this really patchy, white and uneven layer on the skin which  looked rather greasy than fresh and moisturized. Keeping my skin type in mind (oily skin) I’d made sure to skip the moisturizer and use very little of this product, but the results were very disappointing! I ended up blotting my face with a tissue and using a compact powder to even out my face. I would only recommend this to someone with very dry skin.






Overall, this was a very average product, and although on a good side it didn’t break me out but the claims made by this just give out high expectations!


HitsLoreal Paris True Match BB Cream 

  • Affordable
  • Easily available
  • Contains Hyaluronic acid and aqua which retains moisture
  • Doesn’t break me out
  • Contains SPF


MissesLoreal Paris True Match BB Cream 

  • Uneven and patchy on the skin
  • Pricey
  • Limited shade selection
  • Suitable only for dry skin
  • Doesn’t live up to the claims
  • Tends to look whitish on the skin despite a medium shade.




Rating:  5.5/10


Overall Verdict: There are a lot of other better BB creams in the market, and I must admit I was highly disappointed that a brand like Loreal could dip down so much on an essential like a BB cream. Nevertheless, if you are someone with really dry skin, I think this might work for your skin type.





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