Mac 222 & Mac 217 Dupe Brushes

 Mac 222 & Mac 217 Dupe Brush Review & Pictures

 If you are a makeup lover, I am sure you must have heard girls raving about the Mac 217 brush. Being an eye makeup lover I have been really wanting to buy this brush but somehow the price factor always bothered me (Rs 1900 for just one brush… OMG). I have been looking out for a MAC 217 dupe from a very long time.

There are a lot of brushes similar to the Mac 217 like Sigma E25 Blending brush, Zoeva 227 soft definer brush, Coastal scents blending brush and so on. There is a perfect dupe of MAC 217 on ebay too and I will be sharing my thoughts on the same. You can even check them in my Ebay Haul here.



Mac 217 & 222 Dupe Brushes


The ebay dupe brushes are so inexpensive that I picked up 2 of them – Mac 217 and Mac 222. I have mentioned the brushes as dupe and not fakes because they nowhere claim to be like MAC brushes, infact they don’t even mention that in the product description. The main reason for buying these brushes was to check if I was comfortable using them, a lot of times you buy products just because the PRO’s recommend it but at times they do now work for you. So it’s always better that you try such things out.



Mac dupe brushes from Ebay



Ebay 222 & 217 brush


Price: The actual Mac 217 Brush & Mac 222 costs approximately between Rs 1700 to 1900. The MAC dupe brushes that I purchased from ebay were for $0.99 and & $1.38 with free shipping. Awesome isn’t it!!



Ebay Brushes – Mac dupes



Ebay Blending brushes



Mac 222 Dupe Brush



Mac 217 Dupe Brush


My Take on the Product: When I saw these brushes I was so excited to buy them. I always wanted to own these brushes but was clearly not comfortable in shelling a big amount to just try these types of brushes. The ebay brushes came to my rescue in such situation. I call these brushes Ebay 217 & Ebay 222 as they do not have a brand name, they just have numbers printed on them. No matter whichever seller you buy these from, you will get the same brushes, so just check for the price and shipping.

Look-wise they are exactly like the Mac brushes. The bristles are made from goat hair, they do smell like it even. 😛 The bristles are not very soft but not that rough either. I have washed these brushes a number of times but the bristles and the shape is still the same. They shed a hair or two at times but nothing out of control.. The brushes do a great job in blending eyeshadows so I am happy that I tried them . The best part is after using these brushes I realized that Ebay 222 works better on my eyelids than Ebay 217 (I have sunken eyes and the 217 brush feels a bit big for eyes). So now if I have to pick an original Mac brush I would pick the Mac 222 instead of Mac 217. I am so glad that I did not go for an impulse buy and did not pick up the Mac 217 just because most of the beauty gurus recommend it.


I used these brushes for my Sultry Plum Eye Makeup. I have even purchased a set of 20 makeup brushes from Ebay earlier which I have already reviewed here.


Rating:  8.5/10



Mac Dupes – 217 & 222


Overall Verdict: Ebay delivery takes a bit of time so you have to be patient when you place an order.  The brushes look exactly like the original Mac brushes, I am sure your cannot compare the quality of the bristles but at this price I honestly think they are completely worth the price. If you are a beginner to makeup and don’t want to spend too much on your brushes, I would definitely recommend you to try these brushes out.





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