Mac VS Clinique Concealer – Review & Swatches


Mac VS Clinique Concealer – Review, Price & Swatches


Hello pretty ladies,


Today I have a very interesting article for you girls. As we all know we all face under eye issues. While we keep struggling to get rid of them, in the meanwhile we need good under eye concealers to hide our dark circles and make them look flawless. Finding the right under eye concealer is such a pain, it should match your shade and then it should hide the undereye greyness too. I have been on a constant hunt to find the right concealer. You know my last purchase – The Stars orange concealer was such a waste of money. From then on I have been looking for the right concealer which has an orange tint to it. After checking some reviews and pictures, I found that Mac and Clinique had the type of concealer that I was looking for. Now the big question…..which one was better Mac or Clinique??? So here is my view on the Mac VS Clinique concealer.


Mac VS Clinique concealer 1



Mac and Clinique have a lot of variants and shades in concealer and foundations but the one that I am specifically talking about is the Mac Select Moisturecover concealer and Clinique Even Better concealer in Honeycomb. I first headed to the Clinique store as I thought that concealer was apt for me but the product was out of stock there. The SA showed me a lot of other undereye concealers but I was not pleased with the result and still wanted to try the Clinique Honeycomb concealer. After trying out the tester, even the SA agreed that it suited me the best from among all the options he had. The SA was kind enough to give me a sample of the concealer and asked me to try it out for a few days to check if that was the perfect concealer for me. So generous I must say!


My next stop was the Mac counter, they had a lot of concealer options but as soon as I told them that I needed an orange concealer the SA showed me the MAC Select Moisturecover concealer in the shade NW 35. I was quite happy with the results and I was in such a hurry to buy the product that I never even tested a shade lighter or concealer from the other range. MAC has a hell lot of shade options divided in 2 categories NC and NW. This is my first MAC purchase (I can see a lot of jaws dropping there 😛 but for me it’s difficult to spend a 4 digit sum on just one makeup product and I did it this time because I was just not getting what I was looking for)


Mac VS Clinique 3


Mac VS Clinique 2


Anyways coming back to the comparison, I would like to inform that I did not buy the Clinique concealer so I have taken the container photographs from the net but the product swatches and eye swatches are clicked using the sample that I have with me. Also I am just comparing these concealers on the basis of undereye coverage as I do not have any blemishes or dark spots.


Mac Claims: A luxuriously blendable moisturizing concealer in a tube with built-in doe-foot applicator. Goes on exactly where you want it: blends in for a natural satin-smooth ultra-moisturized finish. Layers up for added coverage. Line-softening, skin-perfecting: The Pros’ “select” for under-eyes and delicate skin. Wide shade range provides soft, natural camouflage. Use with the 194 Concealer Brush.


mac concealer ingredients


Clinique Claims: Creamy, stay-put concealer with Vitamin C helps cover dark spots and discolourations. Skin looks brighter, more even-toned. Available in 12 natural-looking shades. Team it with Even Better Makeup SPF 15 for instant perfecting. For continued benefits-even after you take it off-partner with Even Better Clinical Dark Spot Corrector.



Clinique Concealer


Clinique Even Better concelaer Honeycomb

Clinique Even Better concealer Honeycomb


mac select moisturecover concealer

MAC Select Moisturecover Concealer


MAC Select Moisturecover Concealer

MAC Select Moisturecover Concealer


MAC Select Moisturecover Concealer

MAC Select Moisturecover Concealer – NW 35




Shade tried





Applicator Provided


Travel friendly






Pigmentation & Coverage



Covers Greyness

Brightens undereye

Best suited



MAC Select Moisturecover concealer

NW 35

Rs 1399

5 ml

Comes in a convenient plastic tube

Yes. Comes with a sponge tip applicator which is very easy to use

Yes. The tube can easily be carried anywhere

Light weight & thin consistency

Very easy to blend due to its liquid creamy texture. Can easily be blended with both fingers and brush without taking too much time.

Good pigmentation and buildable coverage

Easy and quite smooth application


A bit

Suitable for dry to normal skin and girls with heavy under eyes or dark pigmentation


Clinique Even Better concealer


Rs 1699

3.5 g

Comes in a glass pot with a screw cap lid

No. You either have to use your fingers or a cotton bud to scoop out the product

Glass pot is not very travel friendly

A bit thick and creamy consistency

Takes a bit of time to blend out & gives a slight patchy application with brush. Best when ring finger is used for application.

Good pigmentation and buildable coverage

If not blended properly can look patchy

Not completely


Suitable for oily to combination skin with  moderate to dark under eyes



Mac VS Clinique Swatches

Mac VS Clinique Swatches



Bare eye

Bare eye



With MAC Concealer

With MAC Concealer 


With Clinique Concealer

With Clinique Concealer


Mac concealer after blending

MAC Concealer after blending


Clinique Concealer after blending

Clinique Concealer after blending


MAC Concealer after effect

MAC Concealer after effect


Clinique Concealer after effect

Clinique Concealer after effect


Overall Verdict: The MAC Select MoistureCover is my pick and the Clinique Under Eye concealer looses by a tiny margin. I would have loved the Clinique concealer to come in a convenient packing and wish that they improve the texture as this concealer is a bit dry for me and takes a bit of time to blend, it even does not hide my undereye greyness completely and looks a bit ashy. On the other hand the MAC concealer would have scored a perfect 10/10 if apart from just perfectly concealing my under eye greyness, it would have even helped me uplift my sunken eyes. Both the concealers work effectively and work as a concealer + corrector, do not settle into fines lines, have a lot of shade options and stay almost for entire day but are quite pricey. I definitely will keep looking for other cheaper options with similar results.


* Tip: No matter whatever concealer you use its very important to moisturise your under area first and after blending the concealer, set it with some loose powder so that it stays for the maximum time.


What do you think??? Have you tried any of these concealer and which one suited you the best?




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