New Skincare Haul for my Dry Skin !


New Skincare Haul for my Dry Skin !


I always keep updating my skincare routine as after a while the same old skincare products don’t seems to work that well on my skin. My issue has always been my dry skin and recently due to long hours in the air conditioning is causing excess dryness. So this time I decided to pick a few products specially that had more natural ingredients and which would help me in reducing both my dryness and skin pigmentation issues. So here is my new skincare haul.




I picked up all these products from the recent Nykaa sale. These are all my first time picks and I have never tried these products before.




My major concern of dryness had no option other than body oils. So I picked up 2 body oils from the Biotique range which could be applied after-bath or at night. I also picked up the Aroma Magic Honey & Shea Butter Body Lotion to apply it whenever I would be in a hurry and wanted to avoid the stickiness of body oils.


Aroma Magic Honey & Shea Butter Body Lotion




Biotique Bio Carrot Seed Anti-Aging After-Bath Body Oil




I recently reviewed the Biotique Bio Almond Cleansing Oil. Biotique products are known to contain natural oils and have no chemicals plus are cruelty free. So I really wanted to try a body oil from this range specially the one that I could use after-bath.


Biotique Herbals Bio Wheat Baby Soft Massage Oil




I tried the Biotique Bio Carrot Seed Anti-Aging After-Bath Body Oil for 2-3 days and quite liked it so I decided to give one more oil  with different oil combinations from this range a try. Hence, I picked up the Biotique Herbals Bio Wheat Baby Soft Massage Oil. And as this one says its a baby massage oil, I hope it will be good for my dry sensitive skin.


Avon Face & Eye Makeup Remover




After my Maybelline Total Express Makeup remover got over, I was constantly hunting for a good and affordable makeup remover. I was confused between the Faces and the Avon Makeup remover. I finally picked up the Avon Face & Eye Makeup Remover. Hope I have made the right choice!


Loreal Paris White Perfect Day and Night Cream




I was looking out for a good night cream to be included in my night skincare so when I looked up for options, I was happy to come across the Loreal night cream. To my surprise, the night cream was free on the purchase with the Loreal Day cream. I was delighted that I got this combo pack at such an amazing price.


Colorbar Nail Enamel Remover




This product had been out of stock for the longest time possible and wasn’t even available in the Colorbar outlets so when I got a chance to pick this up, I had no second thoughts!


Maybelline New The Colossal Kajal




Though not a skincare item I was quite excited to pick the new Maybelline The Colossal Kajal as I had a good experience with the old colossal Kajal (reviewed Here).




So which products did catch your fancy? Any product that you would like me to review first? Do let me know.





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