Nivea Creme Smooth Shower Cream Review


Nivea Creme Smooth Shower Cream Review


The minute you hear the word Nivea, it reminds you of a body cream in a blue tin with a strong floral fragrance which was one of your mothers staple skincare product. With quite a few latest additions to body lotions and shower gels, Nivea has gained quite some attention especially with dry and sensitive skin types which have always been their main consumers. I recently stopped using soaps and my first obvious option in shower gel/body wash had to be Nivea. Today I will be reviewing the Nivea Creme Smooth Shower Cream.




Product Claims: Let this irresistible shower cream with nourishing shea butter envelop your skin in a soft, delicately scented foam. The caring formula pampers your skin, leaving it silky smooth and soft. For a moisturised skin feeling.


Price: INR 165 for 250 ml




Package Description: Ditching the regular white bottle with a blue top, the Nivea Creme Smooth Shower Cream comes in a pearly blue bottle with a blue cap. It has a simple clickable lid which makes the product easy to dispense and leakage proof.




Product Details:  The shower cream is pearly white in colour and has really mild floral powder kind of fragrance which doesn’t really stay on after your shower. I mainly picked up the product as it contained shea butter which I thought would work well for my dry skin and it does that pretty well.

The shower cream has a slightly runny consistency which makes it easy to apply. The Niviea Creme Smooth Shower Cream lathers ok but does not give a squeaky clean feeling; the reason for this could be that’s its meant for dry skin but I like my body washes and showers to give me a refreshed feel which I think this one lacks. Also I noticed that in comparison to my other body washes, this does not control sweat (specially the underarm area). After gym or other outdoor sports, this does not keep you fresh and cool for a long time.




HitsNivea Creme Smooth Shower Cream

  • Affordable
  • Good quantity
  • Does not dry out the skin


MissesNivea Creme Smooth Shower Cream

  • Does not leave a squeaky clean feeling
  • Is not sweat proof for a long time
  • Doesn’t leave you cool and refreshed
  • Really mild fragrance




Rating:  4/10


Overall Verdict: The Nivea creme smooth shower cream is a below average body wash for me. I am sure that there are better body showers in the same range or a different Nivea body shower could also fare better. I have picked up the Nivea Bath care shower with Waterlily and oil and I hope atleast this one doesn’t disappoint me.





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