Nivea Express Hydration VS Vaseline Healthy White Body Lotion


Hey girls,

Today I have come up with a comparison post between 2 very well know body lotions i.e Nivea VS Vaseline body lotion. I have been on a hunt for a good body lotion from a very long time. As my skin is bit dry I need a body lotion that keeps my skin moisturised for long hours. I have used both the body lotions and instead of reviewing them separately I felt a comparison post would be better.


Nivea VS Vaseline body lotion 1


Before we get into the details I wanted to know that the comparison is especially between these variants that I have tried from each brand and I personally think these are variants are used by most of the girls.


Product Claims & Ingredients:


Nivea VS Vaseline body lotion 5



Nivea VS Vaseline body lotion 4


Price: Nivea Express Hydration – Rs 249 for 400 ml


Vaseline Healthy White – Rs 190 for 300 ml


Package Description: Both the body lotions come in a flip cap bottle and are travel friendly. Nothing fancy or attractive in the packing.


Nivea VS Vaseline body lotion 2



Nivea VS Vaseline body lotion 3


Product Details: The Nivea body lotion is white in colour whereas the Vaseline body lotion is light pink in colour. Both the body lotion have a creamy consistency which is neither too runny nor too thick. Also both the body lotions have a mild fragrance which is not strong and fades away in some time. The body lotion gets easily absorbed into the skin. Now moving on to the main part which is the product claims, I don’t think both the body lotions are true to their claims. My dry skin feels the need of reapplication in just a few hours so I am not very impressed with the moisturising factor of both the Nivea and the Vaseline body lotion. On top of it the Vaseline claim of ‘Healthy White Lightening’ is completely false. I have not seen a bit of improvement in my tanned arms inspite of using it for a month. (I completely hate the Vaseline Healthy white Ad where the girls discuss their skin scores. Firstly, the skin score thing is dumb and secondly the fact that the product does not help in lightening). The Vaseline healthy white body lotion has a bit like a bit of tinted moisturiser. If I compare the moisturising part, Nivea Express hydration is better than Vaseline Healthy White. The biggest drawback in both the body lotions is that they do not contain any SPF. When I step out of the house applying a body lotion I expect it moisturise as well as protect my skin from getting damaged by sun but unfortunately these body lotions do not fulfill this criteria.


Nivea VS Vaseline body lotion 6


Rating:  Vaseline Healthy White – 6/10


Nivea Express Hydration – 7/10


Overall Verdict: When it comes to moisturising part, Nivea Express hydration is a clear winner but as both the body lotions are not moisturising enough for my super dry skin and do not contain SPF, they have failed to impress me. These body lotions though will work great on oily to normal skin. I even received the Nivea strawberry lip balm along with the lotion, so that was an added bonus for me (it does not change the rating though)!


I would love to try the newly launched Nivea body lotion that comes in a blue flip bottle and has SPF. So girls, which body lotions do you use for your dry skin?





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