Nivea UV Protect Body Lotion Review, Price and Buy Online


Nivea UV Protect Body Lotion Review, Price & Buy Online


Body lotions are an integral part of skin care routine. I am not sure how to handle my super dry skin without body lotions and body butters. Every morning after shower I make it a point to apply a body lotion before I step out of my house. This undoubtedly makes me try out new skincare products. Few months back I came across the Nivea UV Protect Body Lotion with advanced UVA and UVB filters and decided to give it a try. I am done using this bottle and now it’s time for me to review the same.




Product Claims:




Price: Rs 200 for 200 ml


Package Description: The Nivea UV Protect Body Lotion comes in an opaque bottle with a flip top cap. The cap is slightly slanted but clicks shut firmly when you close it so there is no leakage or spillage. Like other flip cap bottles even this cap accumulates a bit of cream near the nozzle which dries out on the side of the nozzle. I am not sure if Nivea UV Protect Body Lotion bottle is an improved version of their regular curvy old bottle. Overall the packaging is quite average.






Product Details: The Nivea UV Protect Body Lotion is white in colour and has a bit runny consistency. The product gets easily absorbed in the skin without leaving any greasy or sticky feeling. The lotion has a typical Nivea body lotion smell. This lotion will work well with normal to oily skin but for dry skin, this body lotion isn’t very moisturising and I find the need to reapply it within 2-4 hours. Moving on to the UV protection claim, I can’t really understand when the company says it contains advanced UVA and UVB filters but does not mention the SPF protection. I am like most girls who step out of the house in hurry without a sunblock inspite of knowing its importance (Are you one of them too?  :p). My skin tends to get easily tanned so I prefer that my body lotion has SPF protection. I have no issue in reapplication but I really don’t think this lotion is compatible in protecting your skin from sun damage and you will find the need to apply a sunscreen separately.




Hits – Nivea UV Protect Body Lotion

  • Simple and convenient packing
  • Affordable
  • Gets absorbed easily
  • No strong fragrance


Misses – Nivea UV Protect Body Lotion

  • Not sure about the UVA and UVB filters claim
  • Separate sunscreen application needed
  • Isn’t moisturising enough
  • Not a great option for dry skin




Rating: 5/10


Overall Verdict: The Nivea UV Protect Body Lotion is an average body lotion for me and I don’t find anything great about it. I have tried the Lotus Whitening Body Lotion and the Nivea Extra Whitening Cell Repair and UV protect body lotions which fare much better than this one! I will be reviewing the other body lotions soon but till then I will still suggest you to opt for a body lotion which has clear SPF mentioned on it rather than just claiming it!





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