Nyassa Body Butter in Alphonso Review



Nyassa Body Butter in Alphonso Review


Body lotions and body butters can never be enough for a dry skinned person like me and specially when you get to try new products. I got this Nyassa Fragranced Body Butter in my Fabbag. I had kept this product away for a while due to its sweet smell but lately started using it so that I could review it for you all.




Product Claims: Nyassa brings this ‘Alphonso Fragranced’ body butter, which is an excellent product to keep your dry skin moisturised and healthy. It also has a mesmerising fragrance and excellent healing properties. Enriched with mango leaf extract, this unisex body butter also helps in fighting signs of ageing.


Price: Rs 600 for 100 gm

This is a sample pack which I received in my Fabbag








My take on the Product: The body butter comes in a very simple white tub which is quite boring and average. Tough I am not a fan of tub packaging this thick body butter needs a tub packing so that there is no product wastage and the product can be scooped out easily. The cream in white in colour and has a rich and thick consistency. Inspite of being thick, the product spreads evenly and gets absorbed into the skin. Due to its rich texture it takes a bit of time to spread and get absorbed completely into the skin. The body butter covers a limited area while applying, so you might need a bit more product than your regular body butters. Overall, you might end up finishing the product early than you expect to. The reason I am not able to finish this body butter till date is due to it’s over powering fragrance. It smells sweet and fruity but the fragrance is more like artificial mango essence and its way too strong. The fragrance is so sweet and its stays on for so long that it really makes my head spin, so I avoid applying this product on my body and occasionally apply it on my hands before going to bed so that the product does not bother me. The Nyassa Alphonso Body butter moisturises my skin well but the performance is quite average and I feel ‘The Body Shop’ body butter are way better then these.




Hits – Nyassa Body Butter

  • Thick and rich cream
  • Spreads evenly
  • Made with natural mango extracts
  • Available in one more variant – Almond


Misses – Nyassa Body Butter

  • Ordinary Packing
  • Over powering smell
  • Pricey




Rating: 5/10  


Overall Verdict: I have heard quite good things about Nyassa products but my first product from this brand is quite a turn off for me. I wish I had received the Nyassa Almond Fragranced Body Butter instead. The Nyassa Alphonso body butter is quite average in performance and considering the quantity provided, I don’t feel its worth the price. Unless you are a crazy mango lover or love strong fruity fragrance, I will not suggest you to try this one.





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