NYX ultra pearl Mania Loose Eyeshadow Review & Swatches – Black Pearl

NYX ultra pearl Mania Loose Eyeshadow Review & Swatches

-Black Pearl


MAC pigments are very popular and I always wanted to try them but the price has always stopped me. I was looking for affordable dupes and then came the ‘NYX ultra pearl mania loose eye shadows’. I immediately ordered two shades from this range and today I will review the shade ‘Black Pearl’ for you all. Read on to know if NYX loose shadows are comparable with MAC ones or not.




Price: Rs 300 for 5ml




Packaging: NYX ultra pearl Mania Loose Eyeshadow comes in a small transparent jar with a black screw lid on top. The jar looks small but it has a ton of product. The opening of the jar is teeny so you need a tiny brush to take out the product. Frankly speaking the packaging is inconvenient because of the tiny opening, you can either dip your brush directly in the jar or you can take out some product in other jar to avoid spillage. I use my tiny eye-shadow brush to get the product out and then apply it on my lids. I wish the mouth was a bit wide for easier application. Other than this, the packaging is sturdy and travel friendly too.




Shade: I bought it to create dark smokey eye but when I opened the jar and swatched it I was disappointed. I expected it to be matte black but it’s not black in fact it’s a charcoal grayish shade. I initially didn’t like the shade but now I love playing around with it. I first apply an eyeliner and then apply this loose pigmented over the liner for smokey eye effect. I also use this shade as a base for my black/navy/purple/teal smokey eye look. It gives an intense look to my eye makeup and acts as a nice base. I also use it alone sometimes and blend the edges to it give it a nice smokey eye effect. If you are looking for a jet black shade then it’s not for you, it’s kind of metallic grey.




Texture: The shade is awesomely pigmented so you don’t need to layer the product. The texture is really fine and it goes on easy. It’s extremely light weight even when you layer it up. It actually looks like a glitter powder that we all used to play with during art n craft classes. I first dip my brush in eye primer and then dip it in the jar; this way the product gets soaked into the eye primer making it easier to apply. You can also use it dry but I like using it wet for more intense look. It blends easily without much effort. Despite of being loose pigment, there is not much fall out which is amazing. There is very little fall out which is obvious since it is loose pigment. Apply your foundation after using this pigment so that the little bit of fall out can be cleaned.


Staying power:  It stays for a long period of time without fading. I applied it in the morning at 8 am and when I came back home at 4 pm it was still there with slight fading. It’s water resistant. I have never used it without eye primer so I cannot comment how well it would stay without primer. There is absolutely no difficulty in removing it and it comes off easily with remover, cleanser and makeup wipes.






Hits: NYX ultra pearl Mania Loose Eyeshadow

  • Affordable price tag
  • Large array of colors available
  • Awesomely pigmented
  • Easily blendable
  • The texture is smooth, soft and light-weight
  • A little goes a long way
  • Not much fall out
  • Stays for more than 5+ hours
  • It’s water resistant
  • Doesn’t irritate my eyes
  • Multi-purpose product can be used as eyeshadow, base for smokey eyes and as an eyeliner too
  • Dupe of MAC pigments


  • Not black it’s charcoal grey kind of shade
  • The packaging is not very convenient




Rating: 9.5/10


Overall Verdict: NYX ultra pearl Mania Loose Eyeshadow – Black Pearl is a beautiful metallic grey shade which can be used as eye shadow, eye liner or can be mixed with other shades. I love how pigmented, smooth and easy to apply the shade is due to the smooth texture. Once applied it stays for more than 5 hours which is amazing. I’m planning to buy more shades from this range, if you have any recommendations then do share. These are perfect MAC dupes at affordable price tag.


Guest post by Mansi C.

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