Oriflame Nature Hair Oil with 100% Coconut Oil – Review    



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This is the 1st time I am reviewing a hair oil the blog, it’s the Oriflame Nature Hair Oil with 100% Coconut Oil.


Oriflame Nature Hair Oil 1


Till date I have refrained myself from reviewing hair oils as I feel hair loss/greying or other such hair problems are mainly caused due to a lot more external factors like stress, diet, climatic conditions, sun damage, scalp type and many such more factors.

No doubt oiling your hair is important and it does make difference but it constitutes to a certain part.  I personally judge the hair oil in just 2 simple steps; firstly when I oil my hair there shouldn’t be too much of breakage or hair fall during massaging and secondly after letting the oil stay overnight, when I wash my hair in the morning again there shouldn’t be too much of hairfall during the washing process. I know some of you might find this weird but somehow this works for me, the less the hairfall I have during oiling or washing my hair and if this entire process is successful for more than a month then the hair oil is success for me.





Oriflame Nature Hair Oil 4


As you can see they have just listed 4 ingredients – Coconut Oil, Parfum (Perfume for fragrance), PropylParaben and TocoPheryl Acetate as preservatives. There is no product claim mentioned even. It just says “Hair oil with 100% coconut oil. Massage into your hair. Wash off”. Ha ha as if we did not know that :)-



Price: Rs 149 for 100 ml (the price keeps changing with the offer in the catalog I got it for Rs 119)


Oriflame Nature Hair Oil 2


Package Description: The oil comes in a plastic white bottle which is opaque and has a screw cap. The cap is a transparent and needs to be screwed in a few times to shut it completely. I would have personally preferred a flip cap as it is more user friendly. The twist in cap is secure but becomes irritating with oily hands. As the bottle is just a 100 ml bottle and opaque, it is difficult to judge the quantity remaining.


Oriflame Nature Hair Oil 3


Product Details: The oil has a very strong coconut + Vanilla essence sweet type of smell. The smell is slightly overpowering but fades away after wash. I personally don’t mind the smell, it’s nice. The consistency of the oil like other regular oil and this one is completely transparent. When you massage this oil in your hair, it nicely moisturises your hair and does not melt further dripping down on your face ;-). One thing that I noticed unlike the other coconut oils, this one does not solidify in winters. I am happy that I don’t have to go through the pain of soaking the bottle in warm water to use the oil. Earlier you could get Oriflame products only through their executives but now it’s available online on a lot of websites so availability is not an issue anymore.


Oriflame Nature Hair Oil



Hits – Oriflame Nature Hair Oil with 100% Coconut Oil


  • 100% coconut oil (atleast this is what it says)
  • Sweet vanilla essence type of fragrance
  • Moisturises hair
  • Softens hair a bit (works better if applied overnight)
  • I notice less hairfall when I use this oil for head massage
  • Affordable


Misses – Oriflame Nature Hair Oil with 100% Coconut Oil


  • The smell though sweet might be overpowering for a few
  • I would have preferred a secure flip cap



Rating:  9/10



Overall Verdict: I have used this oil for more than a month and I am quite happy with its performance. Just to test it out better I used the Garnier Fructis hair oil for one hair wash (I applied it overnight as I do everytime) and a lot of hair shed during application and washing, again when I shifted back to this hair oil I could notice the diffrence, so I am sure this works for me and I am planning to purchase this again.



I have explained a few measures of preventing hair damage here and suggested some quick home-made deep conditioning hair masks for healthy hair here.



Have you tried the Oriflame Nature hair Oil with 100% coconut hair oil ever?









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