Oxylife Creme Bleach Review


Oxylife Creme Bleach Review


We girls love our skin and try out quite a few things so that we don’t have to go through any skin problems. Most of us face skin tanning problems and really have a tough time getting rid of it. I have sensitive skin and even a few minutes in the sun leaves me with a bad tan. A few visits to the parlours and after a few suggestions from friends and salon girls I tried out bleaching. I have tried quite a few bleaching creams in the past and the latest one being the Oxylife Creme Bleach. So here is the Oxylife Creme Bleach review for you girls.




There are quite a few variants in the Oxylife Creme Bleach but today I will be specifically talking about the Oxylife Professional Creme Bleach.






Product Claims: Oxy Life Gel Bleach infuses active oxygen into the skin. Oxygen opens pores , removes dead skin and tan, reduces hyper pigmentation and gives flawless fair skin. Aloe Vera works as a natural skin conditioning agent moisturises the skin and makes it ultra soft. As it is gel based, unlike cream based bleaches, it is oil free and suitable for all skin types including oily, sensitive, problem prone skins. Oxy Life Gel Bleach with Post-Bleach Skin Brightening Serum is formulated with unique OxySphere Technology. OxySphere Technology enables pure oxygen molecules to be trapped which is released at the time of application, giving you a long lasting, enhanced glow.”


Price: Rs 350 for the Professional pack, the Oxylife Natural Radiance pack which is a smaller pack of 27g costs Rs 75





Package Description: The Oxylife Professional Creme Bleach comes in big bluish lavender box and includes the below mentioned items –

  • Pre Bleach Cream
  • Creme Bleach
  • Powder Activator
  • Post Bleach Cream
  • A small flat tub, spatula and a spoon
  • Instruction manual


All the contents are packed in their respective boxes and even though the pack is big there is no confusion in the measurement as the all the items are packed as per individual usage. I like the fact that even the even the pre and the post bleach cream comes in sachets which help us in determining how much product is to be used. In bleaching creams the most important part is measuring the powder activator but as the Oxylife Professional Creme Bleach has its powder activators packed in separate cute tiny bottles even that issue is resolved.






Overall even though the Oxylife Professional Creme Bleach kit might look big, the convenience of the kit easily allows single usage plus I find this quite economical as compared to buying the smaller packs.


Like any other bleaching creams or chemical products, it’s important that you opt for a patch test before you start using any product. All the instructions for usage and the right measurements are mentioned on the leaflet so go through it carefully and only then start using the product.






My Take on the Product: The main thing that attracted me to try the Oxylife Professional Creme Bleach was its claim that its ammonia free and it contains oxygen power. I mean I know bleaching creams can be harsh but then when you find products that have added advantage you will prefer to opt for the later ones. My experience with other bleaching creams in the past has been good but I noticed that some were too harsh and even if they got rid of the tan, the effect lasted just for max 2-3 days. With the Oxylife Professional Creme Bleach the first thing I notice that it’s quite easy on the skin and does not irritate my skin. The pre and the post bleach creams are also of quite some use and help the skin to stay moisturised and soft. For my hands and legs I use the exact measurements as recommended but for my face I prefer using a bit more of the crème bleach just so that my skin is comfortable and to prefer not to go that strong on my face. I have tried this bleach cream several times and never has it caused any problems or skin rashes. The Oxylife Professional Creme Bleach helps me to get rid of the tan and the dead skin immediately without turning my skin dry or itchy. I even noticed that the effect of the cream lasted for around a week or so.




Rating:  8/10


Overall Verdict: There has been a quite a bit of debate if bleaching creams are safe for skin. I personally have used tried out quite a few bleaching cream brands in the past but recently I have stopped using them as I feel my skin is getting really sensitive and I am avoiding any kind of chemical procedure on the same. My experience with the Oxylife Creme Bleach was in the past (few months back) but I noticed that it was the one of the best bleaching creams that I tried.





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