Richfeel under eye Gel Review

Richfeel under eye Gel Review, Price & Swatches


Someone rightly said “Stress is like a rocking chair; it gives you something to do but doesn’t get you anywhere”. For me stress and irregular sleep timing has somehow become a part of my life. Hence I am always looking for products that soothe out my tired skin especially the under eyes. During my last online shopping I was sure that I wanted to include an under eye cream/gel as my Fabindia under eye gel was used up. I was confused with 2 between the Richfeel under eye gel and the Iraya Manjistha under eye gel. Finally I settled on the Richfeel Under eye gel.




Reviewing under eye gel can be tricky as there are a lot of factors involved in it including your diet, adequate sleep and so on. I wanted to make sure that I pass on the right views about this product hence I am reviewing this product after using it for an entire month.


Product Claims & Ingredients:




Price: Rs 175 for 50 g (Was Rs 159 last month when I picked it up, also got some discount due to the sale)






Package Description: Earlier this gel used to come in a tube form but now comes in a tub. I wonder what made them switch from tube packing to a tub! I would have always preferred a tube packing. It’s a plastic tub, nothing that I would like to specify more about.


Product Details: The gel is red in colour and has a jelly like consistency. It has a faint face pack type of smell if you sniff it directly, otherwise it doesn’t smell as such. You need very little quantity to cover your under eye. Just take a tinge of the product and using your ring finger and a wiping motion apply it on your under eye. Don’t apply it too close to the lower lash line; if the product enters your eye accidentally, it does sting. The product leaves a light red tint and hence I prefer applying this product only before going to bed. It also gives a bit of cooling effect when applied. The gel takes a bit more time to get absorbed as its sticky. A major drawback of under eye gels is that as they take too long to absorb unlike the under eye creams which makes it difficult to moisturise your under eye before applying concealer. Moving to its effectives, it really did not make any difference to my under eye. Inspite of using this product religiously for more than a month, I see absolute no difference in my dark circles. I can’t comment on the fine lines but it does make your under eye a bit soft. The product goes a long way but as it is making no difference to my dark circles, I really don’t find sense in using it.







Hits – Richfeel under eye Gel

  • Travel friendly packing
  • Gives a bit cooling effect when applied
  • Affordable


Misses – Richfeel under eye Gel

  • No effect on dark circles
  • Stings if the gel is applied close to the lashline
  • Tub packing
  • Red tint makes it difficult to use the product during daytime
  • Takes time to get absorbed
  • Sticky so can’t be used before applying the concealer




Rating:  4/10


Overall Verdict: I am really disappointed with the effective of this product. I even realize that nothing is mentioned about dark circles in the claims too. It’s says that it will revitalize and reduce stress from the under eye area, but basically if an under eye gel does not work for your dark circles it is of no use according me. So if you want to pick this product up I guess no one with dark circles should buy this product. Now I wonder how many such lucky people do we have around 😛





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