September Glamego Box 2018 Review  


September Glamego Box 2018


September Glamego Box 2018 Review & Product First Impressions


Last month, I tried out the August Glamego Box for the first time and I was quite happy with it. For this month, Glamego gave their customers an option to choose all the five products. This was such a tempting option which could not be resisted so I had to order the September Glamego box.

The best part about this month’s box is that not only can you choose all the five skin care and makeup products of your choice but even choose the box of your choice.

There were five options and I went ahead and picked the Mother’s day box. This box has a lovely cartoon animal print on it with a lovely message inside. I am sure Aahan too will love this box. 🙂






Such a cute message!

For those who do not have any idea about Glamego subscription, here is the quick overview of this subscription box.

The GlamEgo box contains a set of full-sized and deluxe size beauty products. The 1 month subscription plan is for Rs. 399, Rs 349 per box for 3 month subscription, Rs 319 per box for 6 month subscription and if you opt the 12 months subscription its only Rs. 299 per box.

Finally moving on to the contents of this box. These are the lovely self selected products that I received in the September Glamego Box 2018.




1) Aroma Magic Coffee Bean Scrub




I had three options for this section and instead of opting for face washes I preferred going in for a scrub. This coffee bean scrub is claims to fight ageing and imparting glow, plus I haven’t tried a coffee scrub before so this one seemed to be the best option to go for.


2. MCaffeine Choco Caffeine Glow Face Pack




Another coffee based skin care product but this one is in gel format and smells amazing. Even for this section I had 3 options, both the packs are from the same brand but one is sutiable for dry skin as it’s in gel form and the other one is for normal/oily skin. The other option was of Vedic line facial kit.


3. The Natures Co. Red Wine Sleeping Face Gel





For this section, I was tempted to buy the Votre night cream which was an option as well but this wine gel face pack sounded really exciting so I decided to go with this one. The other option was for Elenblu mascara which I really wasn’t interested in.


4. Bella Voste The Perfect Pout Sheer Creme Lust Lipstick

This is the 4th category on the product selection page and there were quite a few nail polishes from Bella Voste and Island kiss lip balms. I was not interested in checking out the nail polishes and all the Island kiss lip balms were out of stock.

So without too many options left in hand, I decided to select the Bella Voste perfect pout lipstick. I selected the shade – ‘Peachy Punch’.






The shade ‘Peachy Punch’ is a lovely pink lipstick with bright red undertones.

Again with having too many lipsticks in similar shade range, this lipstick too might be included in the coming giveaway, so stay tuned!


5. Bella Voste Ulti-Matte Lip Contour Set

This is the 1st page of the product selection range. On this page you see a lot of Manna Kadar lipsticks and Bella Voste ulti-matte lip contour sets.

I couldn’t find too many swatches of the specific Manna Kadar lipstick shades that were available. Also I preferred to have a lip contour set, I was especially interested in the lip pencil and hence I opted for the lip contour set. I was really confused between two shades, one was the shade named ‘Inflamed’ and the other one was the ‘Twilight Zone’.

I have a lot of lipsticks similar to the shade ‘Inflamed’ and I thought getting a lip pencil to outline the lips in similar shade would be a nice idea. But then thinking that the lipstick would go completely waste I decided to pick my another favourite shade which was ‘Twilight Zone’.






The Bella voste lip contour set in the shade Twilight zone is a lovely deep red shade which I think will look great on Indian skin tone. I even feel that this is a pencil would be a nice match for most of my red lipsticks.




So overall, not only does the September Glamego box give you an option to choose the box but even all 5 skincare/makeup brands of your choice. The only issue is, you might get bummed if the products that you want are out of stock. But again from what I noticed is that Glamego keeps updating and adding new items to that list so that you still have a variety to choose from.

After checking some recent additions, I noticed that we have added the Biobloom Radiace Booster serum which I’m quite tempted to try. So you might never know while reading this review I might have even order another September Glamego box :-p

Coming down to the final thoughts, I think Glamego has done an outstanding job with the September box. I love all the products and I am quite excited to try the face masks.







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