Shein Review + Haul and Website v/s Actual Pictures


Shein Review + Haul and Website v/s Actual Pictures


I am an online shopping freak and I love to check out different websites that offer cool stuff at reasonable rates. Once while checking my Instagram, I came across an ad of I loved a dress and a top that was shown in the ad and the next minute I was on their website checking it out. By now most of you must have come across the Shein website as they have a lot of ads that pop up on social media accounts. So today’s post will be the Shein Review + Haul. I will also tell you if the website is legit and share the website v/s actual pictures.


Navigation: The overall website looks quite nice and lively but the navigation is a pain. Firstly, there are no filters when you select a certain category. I mean when I go to the tops section; it doesn’t even have the option to filter them on the basis of colour. That’s such a huge drawback. So you have to go through all the pages before you make your selection. Also when you enter something into the search bar, the results are very vague and it’s a task to find what you are looking for. Truly speaking, I hate going through so many pages just to find certain things that you are sure of.


Shipping and Returns: I placed my order on the 8th of Oct and I received the products within a week. So I must say that considering international shipping, the shipping was fast and all the items were safe. I even selected shipping insurance which costed me and extra Rs. 33 on my order worth INR 2772. Orders worth more than Rs. 2600 are eligible for free shipping. I just made sure that I did not order too much at the first go, as I wanted to check their quality first.

I had ordered 3 tops out of which I returned 1 top. If you want to return the products you have to raise a request first and then return them on your own. will reimburse that amount into your Shein account. My refund for the top was credited back to my credit card (the original mode of payment) within a week which I also think was quick but I am not happy with the fact that I had to bear the return shipping fee. With majority of the online sites accepting free pickup of products or reimbursing the return courier charges, I find this as a major con on




All my products came nicely in a big plastic packaging. 2 tops came in a zip-lock bag each and just one top arrived in a regular plastic bag. I did not order any bags, shoes or accessories, that’s because I never liked them much plus I never wanted a large package to attract custom charges. Also accessories and jewellery are non-returnable and I never wanted to go through the hassle of returning shoes or bags.


I suggest you to very go through the FAQ’s and Return terms very carefully before placing an order.


So before I talk about the quality of the products and the rates, let’s go through my purchases and check the website v/s actual pictures.


Botanical Print Lace Panel Surplice Top



I really liked this easy-breezy top and I was looking for a good floral top since quite some time. I even liked the lace detailing on the shoulders and sleeves and this is why I added it to my cart.




The texture of the material is slightly rough, it could have been a bit softer plus the image on the website has a bit of shine to it whereas actually due to the material, the top does not have that shine/ lustre to it. Also the sleeves were a bit long for me and I was not happy how they looked in real, so I decided to crop off the lace part from the sleeves.





SHEIN Keyhole Back Daisy Lace Shoulder Shell Top




I was not very sure of this item but I don’t own any old-rose coloured top, so I decided to go for this one. To avail free shipping, I needed a similar priced item and this is how this product got added to my cart.


The material of this top is not very great. The lace detailing is nice but the neck can be deep for girls with a small frame. Overall I am not too impressed with this one due to its fabric quality but for the price, it’s not too bad either.






Embroidery Sheer Mesh Top




This was the top I was most excited for. I do not have any mesh tops and this looked really nice plus the floral detailing looked super cool. This top was the main reason that I thought of shopping from




I was truly disappointed when I unpacked this top. The mesh fabric is super thin and flimsy. The floral embroidery just did not have that spark as shown in the website picture. To my horror, when I tried this, I noticed that it was a crop to. The product does not have the required finish and I was sure that I had to return this one.





Overall Verdict: Overall my shopping experience from Shein was pretty average. I am personally not too happy with the quality of clothes and considering the hassle of returning the products on your own, if you aren’t happy with them makes me prefer our local websites. Also lately I have seen the similar trends and similar patterns on too many websites and local stores, so I wouldn’t be shopping from this site again unless I find something too good.

My suggestion is, if you plan to buy from this site, firstly check the reviews and the product pictures posted by the reviewers and also check the size properly as most of the clothes have size or fabric issue.


Do let me know if you have shopped from this site and what was your experience?


P.S –  I haven’t been very good with clicking pictures for this article due to time constraints but if you would like to see some more pictures of these tops, you can follow me on Insta and check my OOTD there.






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