Shopping Haul from Bangkok – Makeup and Accessories


Hey girls,


Finally the much awaited post is here… My shopping Haul from Bangkok. This will be an image based article and I will do a separate post on ‘A Guide to Shopping in Bangkok’.


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Honestly, I could not shop to my heart’s content in Bangkok this time due to the protests and our tour itinerary. Each day we had some activity planned and at night we were busy checking out places for dining and the night life in Bangkok. We literally had to squeeze in time for shopping. I was more keen on buying cosmetics of Korean brands and accessories from the streets and local market but most of the shops were closed due to the protest L I really wanna go back and soothe my unsatisfied heart.


My hubby – Mr DJ (henceforth I am gonna address my husband as Mr DJ, firstly because he is actually a DJ and secondly he is so cool and chilled out) was very happy with the overall trip also his shopping. I was very picky about everything; as usual, my Indian mentality of converting ‘Bhat’ into ‘Rupees’ and then wondering if it would be cheaper in India hampered my shopping, to top it up the makeup and skincare Korean products that I was sure of buying I could not get them. Either the shops were closed or the products were out of stock, I really cursed my luck that time.  On the contrary Mr DJ was so relaxed and picked up everything that he felt was good or even average. At the end of the trip, he had this huge pile of items to get back to India whereas I just had to be happy with my limited shopping bags. L


Anyways here is what I managed to grab…




My shopping bags








Cute nail paints na?? I dont know the brands but loved the bottles so picked them up




Etude House and The Face Shop… I did not find the Etude hand creams which I was desperately looking for 🙁




Such cute and pretty packing!! I am in love with the cute bottles!




Some nail enamel from Beauty Buffet







Sling bags and a wallet




Some belts.. I love the grey coloured one the most.




I had to click a snap of this…It’s a salt and pepper set…. So adorable!





Some mobile covers and fridge magnets


My Slippers… I am in love with them!





Lip balm, eyebrow kit, Loreal Glam Shine Lip Crayon, Sniffkiss lip tinit,  Watsons body lotion and whitening cream Sweet princess eyeshadow cream, a perfume, face masks and some samples.




Nail stickers, eyeshadow brush…









A few accessories…










and some more…










and some more!!!




Though there were so many things that I missed, I am very happy with whatever I was able to buy..!!!


Desperately waiting for a next trip to Thailand…


Anything that you guys like?











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