T-Shirt: Wear your favourite prints this season

T-Shirt prints this season

Its getting really hot and its time to take out those ganjees and T-Shirts out of your wardrobe. T-Shirts are the most easiest to carry and look cool at the same time.  I love wearing them as they are so comfortable and stylish. Just pair your T-Shirt with your favourite rugged jeans / shorts/ folded up jeans and a pair of sneakers and you are good to go.



A jeans and tee combo is most of ours favorite every day outfit to fall back on. T-Shirts are not just limited to simple and plain colours now. The prints this season are really getting bold and catchy, its time to check out a few trends in T-shirts this season.



From animal prints, graphic prints to landscapes, flowers and abstract designs, there’s something for everyone. Check out our picks.



Floral prints are really in this season and T-Shirts with Floral prints cant stay far behind.



Selena’s tee makes florals pop. The mesh fabric and oversize tank cut give it an rough yet girly look.



Grunge T-shirts look really cool and rocker chicks enjoy wearing them.. We love the cut and print of this tee too.



There’s nothing like adding a little bit of quirkiness to your closet with a fun graphic tee.



Pop art prints are extremely cool. Bring out your colourful side with this one.



You are never too old for Cartoon or Disney T-Shirts. Take a look at these incredibly cute T-Shirts.



A very cute Hello Kitty T-shirt


T-Shirts with catchy slogans not just look great but pass on the message too!



These celebrities definitely make a strong point and convey whats on their mind.




Cropped T-Shirts are getting really popular these days. These runway inspired T-Shirts can instantly shift from a go casual mood to quick glam mood.




Whenever you are stuck in  a style quandary, pick up your favourite print T-Shirt, denims, sneakers and sunglasses…. you are sure to rock the road ahead!






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