The Face Shop Mini Pet Hand Cream Review

The Face Shop Mini Pet Hand Cream Review


After checking out my latest Bangkok Shopping Haul, I am sure you have realized how much I love Korean cosmetics, specially the ones with cute packaging. When I see a cute bottle, nothing can stop me irrespective of the review about the product. I am a complete sucker for cute and adorably packaged products.




When I entered The Face Shop, I was completely driven crazy with the cute and adorable products at display but I only picked up this product as the I really could not understand the product details mentioned in Korean language and the shade options available for my Indian skin tone were very limited. Anyway, so here is the The Face Shop Mini Pet Hand Cream Review for you all.






Product Claims:

*A cute and lovable design

*Compact size to be able to carry anywhere

*High moisture! Zero stickiness! Excellent absorbance!

*Light texture but contains high moisture, high nutrition that cares for hands keeping them soft and silky








Price: 220 Baht for 30 ml (app Rs 500)


These are the 4 different types of hand creams available on the Mini pet hand cream range. I will be reviewing The Face Shop Mini Pet Hand Cream in Floral.




My Take on the Product: Firstly, is there any need for me to mention how much I like this package. Isn’t it simply adorable? For hand creams and skin care products undoubtedly, I prefer tube packaging but this one with a cute kitty is really an exception. I am so obsessed with this cutie that inspite of it being compact, I do not carry it in my purse; I am too scared of getting a scratch on it or the print coming off. I prefer keeping it on my vanity table and adoring it.




The hand cream in white in colour and has a lovely powdery floral fragrance. The smell lingers on for an hour or two and then fades off. I really love the smell and its one of the best smelling hand cream i have tried till date. The cream has a thick consistency but spreads easily and gets absorbed into the skin. The hand cream feels pretty light and rightly moisturises my hands. 

This hand cream does contain alcohol, fragrance and parabens, all the things I do not prefer in my skincare products and that’s the only thing I wish they could change in this product.






Hits – The Face Shop Mini Pet Hand Cream

  • Adorable packing
  • Smells great and stays on for quite a while
  • Absorbs quickly
  • Non greasy texture
  • Spreads easily
  • Makes hands soft and supple


Misses – The Face Shop Mini Pet Hand Cream

  • Quantity is just 30ml
  • Contains parabens
  • Availability
  • If you have sweaty hands, you palms may get oily


(You can buy this product from the ‘Face Shop’ counter in Sephora or you can find it online on international websites)




Rating:  9/10


Overall Verdict: The performance of the cream is good in terms of moisturisation, just like the other good hand creams in the market but its the fragrance and cute packaging that adds brownie points to this hand cream. This cutie is definitely adds that spark to your vanity table and you just cant stop adoring! Loved it!





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