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Being an event manager by profession, I hardly get time to come up with new articles everyday. I need people with same passion and love to help me get new content on the blog.


We offer guest posting opportunity to all interested bloggers and article writers.

If you are a non-blogger -You can earn for your posts.

If you are a blogger – You get featured on All Girly Gossip and link back to your website.


Terms and Conditions:


  • Articles /Posts should be related to women’s topics like makeup, beauty, skincare, cosmetic products, makeup tips and tricks, health, fitness, trending fashion etc.
  • Articles /Posts should be in MS Word format.
  • Images must be sent in the same mail (minimum 5 images needed).
  • Images must be of good quality and must not be captured on phone cameras.
  • Any article you publish on AGG must be unique and should not be published anywhere on the internet (not even in a modified way).
  • We do not mind if you are writing for other blogs but if we come to know that your post is published on another blog too or the content is copied from another blog, you will be banned immediately and your payment will be cancelled.
  • Make sure that the grammar and punctuation is correct before sending it to us. Make use of the spell check option. The use of short forms is discouraged.
  • All the images taken from the internet, image source link should be mentioned at the end of the article.
  • You can share your shopping haul posts/nail art posts with us but remember, such posts are not paid.
  • In case of EOTD, OOTD and FOTD posts, if your post contains more images or your post is an image based article then you can reduce the number of words.
  • Make sure that you reply to the comments or questions for your article.
  • If any major changes are required in your article, you will be emailed for the same.
  • You should be 18 years of age and should have a valid bank account (your bank account, family or friend’s account no. not accepted). Payments will be made via online transfer after the end of every month. For non-resident Indians, payment will be made via Paypal.
  • Lastly, make sure that your article comes from your heart directly..!!!


At the end, all rights are reserved with All Girly Gossip. It will be AGG‘s final decision whether or not to publish an article. After the article is published on AGG, we hold all the rights for the article.


Apart from these general guidelines, there are some specific Terms and conditions:


For Writing a Review:-

  • The review must be unique, honest and un-biased.
  • The review must be in MS Word and must contain at least 400 words.
  • Do not increase the number of words by mentioning the ingredients/ product claims, you can click the pictures for the same. Mention the ingredient list only if a picture is not available.
  • The review should contain at least 5 images which are clicked using a camera (preferably DSLR)
  • The photographs should be clear and of a good resolution. Try clicking the snaps in broad daylight and with  clean background.
  • Swatch photographs should be attached in the article if required.
  • No reviews will be accepted if the product is already reviewed on AGG.
  • Before writing a review, send a quick email to AGG mentioning which product will you be reviewing so that we can book that product for you, this way we can avoid confusion and repetition of work.



For an Outfit/ Swatch Post:-

  • The post should be in MS Word format.
  • The post should have minimum 4 images containing a full-length photograph and one close-up.
  • If your focus is on accessorizing, make sure that a close-up of the accessories is attached.
  • The photographs should be clear and of a good resolution.
  • Mention the details of your Outfit at the end of the article.

E.g.      Dress – Vero Moda

Jacket – Zara

Shoes – Steve Madden

Bag – Guess

Neckpiece & Earrings – Aldo

  • If a particular item is been gifted to you or you do not remember the details of a particular item, mention gifted or at least mention the name of the market from where it is purchased
  • A basic T-shirt and Jeans outfit will not be considered unless it is accessorized well.




Payment will be on per article basis. Rs 200 for Indian residents via NEFT and $4 for NRI’s via Paypal. Once the article is published on the blog, payment for the same will be made by the end of every month. If any editing is required, we will mail you about the same.



Please check the Terms and Conditions carefully and once you go through them and are ready to be a part of the All Girly Gossip team, just mail me at allgirlygossip@gmail.com. Please send us a mail along with these details:


Name –

Email Id –

Address –

Contact No –

Date of Birth –

Facebook profile link –

Topics interested in writing about –

Are you currently associated with any blog – Yes / No

If Yes,

Name of your blog / Blogs that you have written for –

Link of any article written by you –


I will get back to you at the earliest after receiving your mail.





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